Release your emotions by singing!

Karaoke is for everyone. Whether you have an angelic voice, powerful vocals, or you don’t sing well, it has no specific requirements!

Karaoke has been a part of Filipino culture. It plays a vital role in our culture as this showcases talents and brings us together. As music evolved throughout the years, song selections in karaoke also changed. Ever wondered about the go-to songs this year? 

Let’s discover the renowned karaoke songs in 2024! 

Ere – Juan Karlos 

This song is characterized with a catchy beat and powerful lyrics that significantly capture human emotions. A lot of Filipinos relate to this song, making it one of the biggest OPM hits last year. It may have been released last year, it is still a hit until now.

You’ll Be Safe Here – Rivermaya 

A poignant song that consists melodic guitar riffs, soothing vocals, and heart-felt lyrics. This song was originally released last 2007. The band’s vocalist posted its official visualizer just last year, making it a hit song again. The song explores themes of comfort, protection, and reassurance in times of uncertainty and fear in which Filipino song enthusiasts loved. 

It’s Been Raining In Manila – Lola Amour

This song by Lola Amour was released wayback on 2018. However, it still continues to rise until now due to its magnifying beat and melody consisting the beauty of music from different instruments. The song explores themes of longing, reflection, and the complexities of relationships, set against the backdrop of rainy Manila. 

Huwag Na Huwag Mong Sasabihin – Kitchie Nadal

This OPM was originally released last 2004. It went viral again and has been circulating in a social media platform called “TikTok” since last year, making it a hit again. This song is a heartfelt Filipino ballad that captures the emotions of longing and unrequited love. The lyrics express the pain of wanting to confess feelings but fearing rejection. The melody is soothing yet melancholic. Paired with Kitchie’s amazing vocals, Filipinos’ love for this song is timeless. 

Beer – Itchyworms 

Of course, this classic will never vanish from Filipino go-to karaoke songs. After all, it is a lively and catchy Filipino rock song that celebrates the joys of friendship and camaraderie over a beer. Its upbeat rhythm, and sing-along chorus, the song surey captures the carefree spirit of Filipinos and theexisting bond they have with their friends. 

Live, laugh, love karaoke! Grab your songbooks and microphones, and search for these go-to OPM karaoke songs! 

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