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Photo Ram Mancelita
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Ever wondered why the mystical and bewitching Siquijor is nicknamed the “Island of Fire” in the Philippines? Well, here’s some of the reasons why:

A Fiery Beginning

Siquijor’s name is said to have emerged from its fiery past. As per local myths, Siquijor lifted out of the sea when a huge storm occurred where lightning struck causing an explosion of fire. This incident was believed to scar this island’s personality.

Photo from Sevilla Sakari
Photo from Sevilla Sakari

Glowing Mystery

Another source of “Island of Fire” comes from the splendid fireflies on the place itself. At certain times in a year, thousands of fireflies light up trees on this island, making it appear like a mystical and otherworldly glow. This wonder of nature has been fascinating native inhabitants and tourists alike over several generations hence adding to Siquijor’s mystic wonders.

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Magical Cures

Besides being popular for healers and traditional medicine with mystical undertones as well as folklore, Siquijor has become even more famous because it is often associated with a place full of healing powers and magic. A mixture between supernatural mystique and natural beauty makes many locals, as well as tourists flock to the island in search of love potions, cards, magical ingredients, and many more.

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Strong Culture And Traditions

The island’s cultural heritage is filled with stories of ancient rituals, spiritual practices, and vibrant festivals. These traditions are then passed down through generations to celebrate Siquijor’s unique history and the enduring legend of the “Island of Fire.”

Photo from Siquijor Sunset Glamping Village Inc. Facebook Page

Modern Day Enchantment

Today, Siquijor remains a place of wonder and intrigue. Visitors visit the place to not only be mystified but also to enjoy its pristine beaches, lush landscapes, beautiful seascapes, and seek out its hidden waterfalls. The island’s fiery history, combined with its serene beauty and traditions, continues to enchant and inspire all who set foot on its shores.

Photo from Kim Embalzado Dela Calzada
Photo from Siquijor Sunset Glamping Village Inc. Facebook Page
Photo from Sevilla Sakari

So, next time you find yourself on this magical island, remember the story of how Siquijor got its name – a tale of fire, light, and mystery.

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