It all started with one comment from a concerned staff of the Mayor… then all hell broke loose!

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Rosmar Tan and Rendon Labador, under Team Malakas, held a charity event last June 14, 2024 at the Coron Coliseum wherein hundreds of people arrived to claim freebies and cash prizes. The event was a huge success, according to the team; however, they also received backlash from a few individuals, especially one coming from the Mayor’s staff.

What Really Happened?

The commenter named Jho Cayabyab Trinidad stated that Team Malakas only used the locals of Palawan for clout. According to her, the team took too long to distribute the so-called “charity or relief goods” and that people were already famished. In addition, not a single payment or donation was given to the staff who helped out the team to set up the coliseum.

Screengrab from Jho Cayabyab Trinidad’s Facebook Post

So, what did Team Malakas do? Well, they went to the Mayor’s office to lodge a complaint against Trinidad, who they soon discovered was one of the staff members. Team Malakas recorded the entire interaction, during which they accused Trinidad of wanting to prioritize herself in the distribution of goods and cash. In the video, Team Malakas argued that their intentions were genuine and that it was intended to help the locals and boost Palawan’s tourism, and that Trinidad’s comments were of no proof, suggesting she was trying to undermine their efforts for personal gain.

The situation escalated as more locals voiced their frustrations on social media, backing Trinidad’s claims and accusing Team Malakas of neglecting the real needs of the community in favor of media attention. This public issue put pressure on the authorities to investigate the matter further and address the grievances of its locals.

The Battle of Apologies

Screengrab from Nathan & Rosmar’s Facebook Page

Amidst all the chaos, Team Malakas issued an apology video wherein they emphasized that their main intent was to give help to the locals. Some netizens even commented that they totally agree to the team’s initiative on facing the commenter.

On the one hand, many others warned Trinidad that she may receive a demand letter following her rude commentary about Team Malakas. One netizen wrote,

…grabe ka po madam.. hndi Naman po pinupulot ang Pera para magdemand ka po na kaylangan lahat po Sila na nagpunta Dyan e dapat bigyan… tumulong na nga po Yung mga tao tas Sila pa lumabas na masama…

Following the same backlash Trinidad received, she posted an apology video with the caption, “Dear Ms. Rosemar at Team Malakas at sa lahat ng aking nasagasaan humihingi po Ako ng tawad…..

Screengrab from Jho Cayabyab Trinidad’s Facebook Post

The Resolution

A council member of the Coron Municipality posted on social media the draft to the resolution wherein the two vloggers / influencers will be declared as “persona non grata” in Coron, Palawan. The draft read:

RESOLVED, as it is hereby RESOLVED, to declare Rendon Labador, Rosemarie Tan Pamulaklakin a.k.a. Rosmar and Marki Tan as persona non-grata in the Municipality of Coron, Palawan for their disrespectful behavior, negative publicity, incitement to conflict, and violation of Republic Act No. 10951, also known as the ‘Property and Damage Penalty Adjustment Act’; Article 153 of the Revised Penal Code; and Republic Act No. 11313, also known as the “Safe Spaces Act (Bawal Bastos Law).

The reasons backing the persona non grata declaration is due to the disrespectful actions of the vloggers and their blatant disregard for proper decorum. In addition, many netizens and locals of Palawan requested that both personalities will also be banned from the entire Palawan province, not just in Coron, most especially in El Nido. 

What Is a Persona Non Grata?

In Latin terms, “persona” means “person,” while “non grata” means “unwelcomed;” so, in legal terms, it is someone who is not welcomed in a country or place for a specific number of years or eternity. Tons of people have been tagged as “persona non grata” in some places such as Pura Luka Vega, a drag queen who’s famous for impersonating the Jesus of Nazarene. He was banned from 17 provinces, cities, and towns in the Philippines, and it’s still counting as more and more are filing a complaint against his impersonation.

So, do you think Team Malakas, specifically Rosmar and Rendon, deserved to be declared “persona non grata” or not? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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