Ranked 2nd happiest country in Southeast Asia, us Filipinos truly embrace the value of comedy.

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So, this International Moment of Laughter Day, let’s commemorate the Filipino comedians who never failed to give us belly-aching laughs during their shows!

Rene Requiestas

Jan 22, 1957 – Jul 24, 1993

One of the most famous sidekick with comedic comebacks, movies with Rene Requiestas in it never fails to make Filipinos laugh. He’s worked alongside Kris Aquino and Joey de Leon, and has charmed his way to our hearts with his toothless appearance. Aside from being a comedian, Rene was also a well-loved politician in Taguig.


Jun 29, 1942 – Aug 27, 1998

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After being discovered by the “King of Comedy”, Dolphy, himself, Babalu became famous and was known by his moniker which came from the Filipino term “babalu” meaning, long chinned. Babalu starred in Home Along Da Riles and Oki Doki Doc.

Redford White

Dec 5, 1955 – Jul 25, 2010

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Redford White was a rare gem in the Philippine comedy industry, one reason was because of his American look caused by his albinism. He won Best Comedy Actor during the 5th PMPC Star Awards for Television and has worked with Vic Sotto, Leo Martinez, and many more.


Jul 25, 1928 – Jul 10, 2012

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Hailed as the “King of Comedy”, Dolphy holds the longest roster of comedy works in the Philippines, be it on stage, film, television, or radio! The humble and lovable nature of Dolphy earned him a “National Day of Remembrance” declared by President Aquino to continue honoring his contributions after his death on July 13, 2012.


Mar 24, 1974 – Feb 7, 2014

With a name coming from his catch-phrase “Tarantado!’, Tado became known for his great comedic timing paired with his signature long hair and glasses. He was a Psychology graduate and a co-founder of organizations aimed to support artists such as Dakila and PANDAY-PIRA.

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Jul 25, 1969 – Nov 21, 2016

Known for his Jamaican vibes, Blakdyak became the first Filipino solo reggae singer to reach popular status in the Philippines’ entertainment industry, earning him the title of “The King of Pinoy Reggae.” Before his passing on November 21, 2016, Blakdyak was famous for his 90’s songs such as “Noon at Ngayon” and “Modelong Charing”.


May 4, 1947 – Nov 6, 2018

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With a stage name that means “corpse”, Bangkay has been known in horror-comedy films in the Philippines especially since his stature, with a few special effects touches, can resemble a corpse. His last show prior to his death was “Forevermore” which starred Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano.


Jun 25, 1970 – Mar 9, 2019

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Chokoleit’s career took off after his performance as “Pearly Shell” in the Filipino mermaid television series “Marina.” He became one of the top pioneers of stand-up comedy in the Philippines.

Although they’re no longer with us, these legendary Filipino comedians will always grace our screens with their antics and comedic treasures. So, let’s cheers and always remember, folks, laughter is truly the best medicine, especially when it comes with a side of Pinoy humor!

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