Away from the heart of the Metro, a cold and relaxing waterfall sits, and is waiting for your soul to wander and enjoy its natural beauty.

Photo from Sugbo Contributor Danica V. Ceballos
Photo from Sugbo Contributor Bono Luther

Your Southern Escapade from the City Chaos

Photo from Sugbo Contributor Bono Luther

Apart from its white sand beaches and lush peaks, Cebu is home for one of the country’s famous waterfalls. Located at the southern part of the island, just 130 kilometers away from Cebu City sits a one of a kind marvel, Kawasan Falls.

Photo from Sugbo Contributor Bono Luther

The Cebuano waterfall houses many waterfalls within its vicinity. The waterfall is famously known for its cool rushing water that comes from a natural spring that will make your body freeze despite the heat of the summer. The place also boasts scenic views and adrenaline rushing activities.

The Kawasan Activities

Photo by Sugbo Contributor LEONOR DIVINAGRACIA

Kawasan falls is also famously known for its 3 levels of waterfalls. These levels have become popular for its canyoneering activities that involve:

  • Mountain Hiking
  • Climbing
  • Cliff Jumping
Photo from Sugbo Contributor @_maaarkoso

Moreover, the place is also famous for its raft riding under the barrage of the running water of the falls. Kawasan also offers cottages for tourists and locals who like to enjoy the place during the day only. Furthermore, they also have rooms for visitors who would like to stay overnight near the falls.

Photo from Sugbo Contributor Amilia Guels
Photo by Sugbo Contributor LEONOR DIVINAGRACIA
Photo by Sugbo Contributor LEONOR DIVINAGRACIA

It is advisable to visit Kawasan Falls during summer to fully enjoy its cold waters. A guide is also recommended for first time visitors or people who have no sense of direction to avoid getting lost when going to the place. Since the path towards the waterfalls has many twists and turns.

Note: As of April 2024, the access for the place is limited to the main level 1 only.

Photo by Sugbo Contributor LEONOR DIVINAGRACIA
Photo by Sugbo Contributor LEONOR DIVINAGRACIA



Please contact Kawasan Falls to further inquire about their updated rates. 


  • Operating Hours: Please contact the page for inquiries
  • Contact Number: 0917 444 4503/0927 967 9830
  • Facebook: Kawasan Falls 
  • Website: 


Exact Location: Badian Cebu, Philippines

  • By Commute: Take a bus to Badian from the Cebu South Bus Terminal, and make sure you board the bus that travels to Bato via Barili. Request that the driver drop you off at the Kawasan Falls in Matutinao.
  • By Car: Navigate via Waze or Google Maps and pin the location “Kawasan Falls”.
Photo from Sugbo Contributor @thevinanglo09

You will then start a quick walk to the falls as soon as you reach Matutinao. Depending on your speed, the walk takes around 20 to 30 minutes, and it’s bearable enough for kids as well.

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