The ocean is already as magnificent as it is, how much more if you actually see big waves splashing against rocks right in front of you? Waters are both magnificent and titanic, and this is exactly the beauty that will greet you once you go to Laswitan Falls and Lagoon. In Surigao del Sur, you will find a 20-foot rock formation with three lagoons. You will have to brace yourself for the trip of your lifetime.

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The Origins of the Name

The place is called “Laswitan” because of the local world laswit that literally translates to splash. This is a stunning phenomenon that you will witness once you get here especially during high tide. It truly is mesmerizing to see colossal waves clamoring against the long rock formations that are characteristic to Laswitan, giving you waterfall-like show. This is the very sighting that a lot of tourists come here for, and you should definitely see it for yourself.

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Exploring Laswitan

Once you get here at Laswitan, you will be greeted by locals who run the place and help facilitate tourists. You will be given a quick briefing to guarantee your safety, and an orientation regarding the rules and regulations in the area just to help maintain cleanliness and order.

Photo from Chad Butad De Jesus on Facebook
Photo from Chad Butad De Jesus on Facebook

Moving onto what seems to be the 8th wonder of the world, the interplay between the huge waves and the rock formations is not just what you will witness. Laswitan has three distinct lagoons you can swim in and marvel at.

Lagoon 1

You can take a refreshing swim at the first lagoon because of how calm the waters are and relaxing. However, you have to be wary of sea urchins. The water is crystal clear, so it will be easy to navigate and look out for your steps. It is advisable for you to wear slippers or aquatic shoes if you choose this lagoon.

Lagoon 2

The second lagoon is the most popular among those in Laswitan. It has a relatively larger size than the others, making it the perfect spot for group travelers, accommodating a large number of people. Visitors are advised to wear life jackets to ensure safety, and are disallowed from going beyond the designated areas for swimming.

Lagoon 3

This lagoon is the deepest among all of the lagoons. Only adults are allowed in Lagoon 3, boasting a depth of 10 feet. This is a secluded spot, perfect for skilled swimmers who just want to take a serene dip, or to simply admire the peacefulness and beauty of the area. This is the furthest away from the crowd, so if you’re an introverted adventurer, you know where to go.

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In Laswitan, you will never run out of a feast for your eyes with a wide array of picturesque views. It is definitely an adventure waiting for you to experience. It is not quite similar to the popular spots tourists keep going back to in the Philippines, so if you want something new – something to get the blood pumping in your veins that will leave you in awe, pack your bags and come to Laswitan Lagoon.



  • Entrance fee: ₱65 per person
  • Opening hours: 8 AM to 5 PM daily


  • Cottage fee: ₱300 – ₱500 (depending on the cottage)


Exact location: Brgy. Madreliño, Cortes, Surigao del Sur


BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Laswitan Falls and Lagoon”.

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