The Cebu City Government is gearing up for an upcoming fun run event for dog lovers!

Just today, the Cebu City Government Department of Veterinary Medicine and Fisheries shared on their social media page that they will be celebrating their annual “Asong Pinoy Day” on June 30, 2024!

This yearly celebration is a gathering of dog owners who have beloved Aspins in their homes. And yes, there will be tons of activities on the day, including the most-awaited “Asong Pinoy Next Top Model” wherein local doggos will be competing for the title.

However, aside from the pageantry, there will also be a fun run where owners can run alongside their doggos for either a 1KM or 2KM marathon! So, if you’re planning to join, here are some tips that can help you win:

Train with your pup

Even if the distance is only 2km, you still have to train with your dog if you want to win the fun run. So, it’s best to slowly increase mileage day by day so both of you will ease through the run easily.

Photo from Pexels

Carry water

The heat index nowadays is really a bit high, especially for our pets who experience high temperatures more than us. Therefore, during your training and on the day of the race, make sure to pack up some water and a dish for your pup and you to stay hydrated.

Use a reliable leash

The race will be within the city limits so make sure that your dog is leashed well; something that could let it run easily yet you can still be the guide throughout the run to avoid accidents.

Photo from Pexels

Planning to join? Head over to the official Facebook page of the Cebu City Government Department of Veterinary Medicine and Fisheries to learn more about the race and the “Asong Pinoy Day” activities!

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