The heart of Eastern Visayas, Leyte, doesn’t just offer its stunning beaches, rich culture, and history to its travelers; it also has a plethora of delicious dishes ranging from savory bounties from the sea to sweet, sticky candies. It truly is a culinary adventure, one you’re going to wish you got to experience sooner!

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  1. Binagol

An iconic Leyteanon must-have wrapped in banana leaves, Binagol is a nutritious sticky-sweet concoction that’s made with sticky rice, coconut milk, and brown sugar. A single taro-coconut flavored taste of its sweet filling will send you to heaven!

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  1. Moron

Moron is yet another rice-based delicacy that’s native to Leyte. It’s similar to Binagol except that it boasts a rich chocolatey flavor. Made with soft, sticky rice that’s infused with cocoa and coconut milk, you’re sure to delight in its creamy flavor bomb!

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  1. Suman-Latik

Yet another addition to Leyte’s sweet sea of flavors is Suman-Latik: a traditional rice cake that’s made with steamed sticky rice, and also wrapped in banana leaves. The main contributor to its flavor is ‘latik,’ a coconut milk sauce that’s caramelized and drizzled on top of the already delectable cake. Each steamy bite you take is met with sweet, creamy, sticky hints of flavor.

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  1. Roscas de Pastillas

Roscas de Pastillas, a u-shaped delicacy hailing from Barugo, Leyte: a firm cookie that’s made from butter, flour, sugar, anise, and lard. It used to only be made during festivals, but its popularity made people realize that it’s great to have as an afternoon snack! Be sure to prepare for when you bite it though – its tough texture gives way to that smooth buttery flavor – you might finish the whole pack without realizing it!

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  1. Kinilaw

The glorious kinilaw is an amazing blend of vegetables and cubes of fresh fish that’s cooked in vinegar and citrus juices. The resulting flavor is an unapologetically Filipino symphony of light, tangy flavors mixed with just the right amount of sour. This dish is a must-try!

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Leyte definitely has more than meets the eye when it comes to cuisine – its rich history coupled with its tough-sounding but kindhearted people make for an amazing combination. Be sure to visit the place and sample its amazingly delicious culinary delights!

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