Get ready for a tasty adventure as you visit Samboan, Cebu!

Samboan, Cebu is not only known for its mesmerizing waterfalls and natural attractions but also for the delicious delicacies that its residents love to serve.

Listed below are the must-try dishes and snacks that you can get in Samboan:

1. Torta de Tangbo

Often served during festivals, Samboan’s Torta Especial is a snack best paired with coffee or any hot beverage. It has a sugary exterior and a soft creamy interior. 

2. Samboan Cookies

Usually found at the jump-off point of the Aguinid Falls, Samboan cookies are star-shaped pastries that you can buy for the starting price of Php 60.00 per pack. It is an heirloom recipe of its local residents and often paired with cold drinks such as refreshing sodas and juice.

3. Manokhang

Craving for a creamy chicken dish? Then the “Manokhang” is for you! It is a native chicken which is cooked with coconut milk, hot pepper, and freshwater shrimp. When translated, “Manok” means chicken and the word “hang” means spicy; so, the entire dish literally means spicy or chili chicken.

4. Linubihang Kagang

Samboanons love their coconut milk which is no wonder why they have a dish called “Linubihang Kagang.” It is a specialty wherein its main ingredients include land crab or “kagang” in Bisaya, and coconut milk. The term “Linubihan” means to add coconut milk.

5. Tabanglang

Not only the French eat “escargot” but also the residents of Samboan! Known as the “Tabanglang,” this dish is made from sauteed snail or “tabangka” and freshwater shrimp or “ulang” in one. It is usually served as an appetizer or “pulutan” during gatherings and festivals.

6. Coco Maize Pudding

One of Samboan’s famous desserts is the Coco Maize Pudding which is the perfect mixture of tasty coconut meat and corn flour. It can be served cold or at room temperature as a quick snack.

So, which among the Samboan delicacies above have you already tried? Share your experience in the comments below!

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