It’s National D.I.Y day! So, now that the Lenten season is over, it’s time to freeze up that Binignit and make the summer-favorite: Halo-Halo!

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What Is A Halo-Halo?

A halo-halo is a type of Filipino dessert usually served during the summer season due to its cold and refreshing components. Its name comes from the Filipino word “halo” which means “to mix” in English. So, when you say halo-halo, it literally means “mix it up!” before taking a spoonful of it.

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How to Make a Budget-Friendly Halo-Halo

It’s easy to make your own halo-halo at home! Just follow the steps below:


1 cup of crushed ice

Milk (fresh, evaporated, or powdered milk will do if you’re tight on the budget)

Saba or 1 stick of sliced banana-q if you want a sweeter touch

Nata de coco or Sago if you prefer (or both if you have them on-hand)

Ube ice cream


Step 1: Mix the crushed ice and a cup of milk together. If you’re using powdered milk, dissolve it in hot water first and let it cool so it won’t melt the ice quickly. Also, make sure to leave some milk to drizzle later.

Step 2: In a glass, put in the mixed ice first, then followed by the nata de coco or sago or both.

Step 3: Add the sliced bananas and two scoops of ube ice cream on top.

Step 4: Drizzle the remaining milk and you’re good to go!

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If you want to get creative, then add some more fruits like mangoes or maybe crush some peanuts and sprinkle it on top of your halo-halo for a crunchy twist! So, tell us what you think of this budget-friendly option and leave your comments below!

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