There are all sorts of curiosities and peculiar events happening all around the world. But for the small municipality of Magsaysay in Lanao del Norte, one such occurrence happened which shocked many!

Photo from CDODev.Com

In a video that went viral on Facebook, a puppy having only one eye on its face can be seen seemingly struggling to breathe. Its nose appeared to be located up what would normally be its forehead.  The poster, Mary Ann Vina, can be seen cradling it gently and carefully as she describes its appearance. The puppy’s fate is yet to be determined, although many aren’t confident in its ability to live a normal life.

Many commenters sympathize with the poor animal, with most of them expressing how sorry they were for the puppy’s condition. This occurrence can only make one wonder what horrors the mother went through and what diseases she is suffering from. 

Photo from Four Paws

One takeaway from this instance is how horrible the living conditions of stray animals are, as many of them are considered as nuisances and therefore physically abused and even worse, killed. It would be a great thing to remember that even though they don’t have a place to go home to, they are still living beings, and also deserve good treatment.

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