Corgi lovers, rejoice! Siargao now offers more than its tropical wonders, but also fluffy corgi cuddles at Isla Corgis.

Siargao is one of the most visited islands in the Philippines for its pristine white beaches, cave pools, and surfing scene. Now, furbaby lovers can enjoy beyond the ocean breeze and sun tans as eight adorable corgis will welcome diners of Isla Corgis, located at the Jacking Horse.

Photo from Isla Corgis Siargao Official Facebook Page

Mommy Covi & The Seven Dwarves

The cafe’s story began when Covi, the corgi furbaby of Colz Vidal, bore seven puppies. According to the Facebook vlog of Isla Corgis Siargao, keeping the tiny furbabies was initially not part of any plan, until Vidal fell in love with them. As the puppies grew, she decided to make her furbabies the star employees of the business; therefore, naming her doggy cafe’ paradise “Isla Corgis”.

Photo from Isla Corgis Siargao Official Facebook Page

Milktea Pups of Siargao

Keeping with their corgi theme, the cafe’s menu also stars all eight furbabies with their special milktea options listed as their dwarfy names, such as Sleepy’s mango-flavored milk tea and Happy’s strawberry-flavored milktea. But, don’t fret if you’re in for the classics since they also offer those including matcha milktea, fruit teas, and fresh fruit shakes. The price of their menu options starts at Php 260.00 to Php 290.00, depending on the variety and add-ons.

Photo from Isla Corgis Siargao Official Facebook Page

Isla Corgis Cafe House Rules

Making sure that their furbabies are safe while meeting the guests and diners, the cafe’ mandates a set of house rules or do’s and don’ts for everyone to follow including the rule of not lifting the corgis, even if you are tempted to do so. Also, one of their most important rules is to sanitize and ask permission before petting the corgis.

Photo from Isla Corgis Siargao Official Facebook Page

It is also essential to note that the cafe restricts the entry of kids below 6 years old and expectant mothers for the safety of all the involved parties. And since the cafe is near beach resorts and vacation spots, they include a reminder to avoid wearing wet clothes inside the premises. 

Photo from Isla Corgis Siargao Official Facebook Page
Photo from Isla Corgis Siargao Official Facebook Page

For additional details on the cafe’s house rules, feel free to visit their Facebook page: (1) Isla Corgis Siargao | Facebook

Making a PAWS-itive Mark

Aside from serving great food and drink options, Isla Corgis also advocates for responsible pet ownership and animal protection. The cafe even partnered up with the Run for Kapon in Siargao and donated 10% of their January 27 to February 19, 2024 sales. They aimed to sponsor at least 20 dogs for the spay and neuter campaign.


Isla Corgis Specialty Drinks – Php 290.00 each

  • Covy – Tiramisu-flavored milk tea with mocha, cinnamon, cream cheese, and a touch of nutmeg
  • Docy – Matcha flavored milk tea with a nutty twist of macadamia, cashew nuts, and a scoop of a decadent ice cream
  • Happy – Strawberry puree milk tea with green tea and a delicate infusion of flower blossom syrup
  • Grumpy – Ube flavored milk tea with purple sweet potato goodness and a swirl of ube halaya
  • Sleepy – Mango flavored milk tea with black tea, featuring fresh mango chunks and cream cheese
  • Bashy – Coconut flavored milk tea with tended coconut meat and a sweet surprise of coconut candy
  • Sneezy – Avocado flavored milk tea with carnation condensed milk, green tea, and fresh avocado
  • Dopey – Chocolate flavored milk tea with a blend of Ghirardelli chocolate and vanilla, topped with a crunch of Ovaltine’s malted goodness.

Classics – Php 260.00 each

  • Matcha Milktea – Classic combination of creamy goodness, matcha, and the essence of green tea.
  • Strawberry Milktea – Delightful mix of Vana Blanca, strawberry, and green tea.
  • Brown Sugar Milktea – Rich notes of Okinawa, fresh milk, and brown sugar.

Fruit Teas – Php 260.00 each

  • Passion Blossom – A blend of passion fruit jam, green tea, and a hint of rosemary for a tropical experience
  • Tropical Tranquili – A burst of antioxidants with Acai powder, green tea, dried hibiscus, and spices

Customizable Fruit Shakes

  • Two Fruits – Php 260.00
  • Three Fruits – Php 290.00


Operating Hours: 9AM to 12:30PM and 3PM to 7PM (Daily except Tuesdays)

Entrance Fee: N/A

Tiktok: @islacorgis.siargao

Instagram: islacorgis.siargao

Facebook Page: Isla Corgis Siargao


Exact Location: Jacking Horse, Catangnan, Siargao

BY CAR: Navigate via Waze or Google Maps and look up “Isla Corgis”. Then, straight ahead, you’ll see the path leading to the cafe’s entrance.

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