The other night, the Philippine sky was graced by the beautiful “Pink Moon.”

Photo from Canva

Every April, the night sky becomes adorned with the celestial beauty of the “Pink Moon,” a full moon that captivates stargazers and poets alike. While its hue may not be actually pink, this moon earns its name from the blossoming pink wildflowers that bloom during spring this time of year.

Pink Moon Contributed by Cedric Dadula

Usually in the northern hemisphere, the pink moon is accompanied by the Lyrid meteor showers. But, although the showers aren’t visible in the Philippines, the moon itself was a sight to see.

Different Types of Moon to Look Out For


Supermoon Contributed by Mark Cord

Next sighting date in PH: Tue, Aug 20, 2024, 2:26 AM

When the full moon coincides with its closest approach to Earth in its elliptical orbit, it is called the Supermoon. This alignment causes the moon to appear slightly larger and brighter in the night sky than usual. In the olden times, the supermoon was believed to be a bringer of disasters because sailors thought that it could pull the tides due to its size.

Blue Moon

Bluemoon in Bantayan Island Contributed by Edison Gee Albaciete Rosell

Next sighting date in PH: August 19, 2024

When someone mentions ‘once in a blue moon,’ they’re referring to a rare occurrence, and for good reason. A blue moon, characterized by its striking bluish tinge, occurs when two full moons occur within the span of a single calendar month. This phenomenon is so rare that it has become synonymous with rare events in informal language.

Strawberry Moon

Strawberry Moon Photo from Canva

Also known as the “honey moon,” the strawberry moon is named after the Native Americans associated it with the ripening of the strawberries, marking its readiness for harvest. It usually occurs when the summer solstice ends around the last days of June.

Blood Moon

Blood Moon Photo from Pexels

Next sighting date in PH: September 7, 2025

Referred to as the “blood moon” because of its color after a complete lunar eclipse. The reason behind its color is due to the light being reflected to the moon wherein instead of it coming from the sun, it comes from the Earth’s atmosphere. The dustier and cloudier it is in the skies, the redder the shade of the moon will be.

Full Harvest Moon

Full Moon Contributed by Carl Jan Marollano Monilar

Next sighting date in PH: May 1, 2024

A symbol of abundance and tradition, the full harvest moon graces the night sky and traditionally provides extra moonlight to help farmers extend their working hours in the fields.

So, get your telescopes and calendars ready to witness the beautiful changes of the moon in the coming months!

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