An eye-opening video emerged on the University of Cebu (UC) Confessions Facebook page, showing footage of a teacher encouraging his students to inflict self-harm or suicide.

The 57-second video reached the public on Friday, March 15, 2024, which led to Netizen’s anger about the professor’s behavior. It was captured on the recording that the professor said, “Og moambak mo sa building ingna akong ngalan kay ganahan ko ana. I would love it g’yud kong mo-suicide mo,” (If you plan on jumping from a building, say my name. I would love it if you commit suicide.)

Although the face of the professor was hidden from the video because of how the student took it behind a notebook, some commenters disclosed that the professor was a certain “Mr. Claridad”. In addition, a part of the video also captured the professor seemingly laughing after he witnessed the horrified looks of his students from his remarks.

After conducting an investigation, the president of UC Medical Center, Candice Gotianuy, posted on social media that the professor was fired on March 18, 2024. Classes of the affected students were also suspended for a week, and counseling schedules will be agreed upon for the student’s welfare. Ms. Gotianuy added, “The legal team will reach out to the individuals concerned to document their experience. We are putting this incident on record. The faculty is in full agreement that his actions are absolutely unacceptable.”.

The subject of suicide is a tough topic to discuss and must not be taken lightly or encouraged. Anyone in an authority position should consider the possibility of influencing subordinates, such as how a teacher can influence his students or a boss can influence his employees.

If you are having thoughts of self-harm, please seek the help of licensed professionals or call the mental health helpline of Cebu.

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