Japanese scientists have made a scientific breakthrough that can make robots smile!

Image courtesy from the University of Tokyo

Japan Has Done it Again!

Japanese people are known for their brilliant inventions, from cassette players, electric rice cookers, video game consoles to telescopic extenders for cameras. Now, scientists in Japan have found a way to attach living skin to mechanical robots to give them human-like expressions.

Image courtesy from the University of Tokyo

The scientific discovery was made by a team in Tokyo University using their knowledge of copying tissue structures in living people. However, the scientists revealed that the prototype may look more like a Haribo than human-like. Nevertheless, this discovery can pave the way to creating realistic skin for robots that is hard to tear and self-healing.

Image courtesy from the University of Tokyo

Prof. Takeuchi added that the experiments may face a significant challenge before coming to the eventual results. He stated, “Another important challenge is creating human-like expressions by integrating ”. Further signifying that the breakthrough is far from over.

A Life Saving Discovery

Although the breakthrough was mainly targeted at mechanical robots, the Japanese scientists further revealed that the discovery can help save human lives too! For starters, the scientists revealed that the discovery will be able to offer in-depth knowledge on the physiology of human emotions, which may lead the scientific field towards the cure for facial paralysis.

Moreover, the discovery may also lead to significant breakthroughs in the medical field of plastic surgery and may give insights into skin anti-ageing and cosmetics.

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— Our ancestors took thousands of years to transition from the primitive way of living to the industrial age. However, it is fascinating to think that the current generation of humans only took a couple of decades to transition from steam engines to the high-tech and robotic age defying the laws of logic. Nevertheless, we must be careful in these high-paced advancements, because these might bite us back in the end.   

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