Be ready as we bring you back to the past with the nostalgia of these songs that are worth screaming for!

Today is Scream Day! This day tends to remind us of the benefits of screaming. As we celebrate this day, let’s look back to the songs that not everyone, but most of us used to scream to.

Complicated – Avril Lavigne

This song was released in 2002. Many people, especially teenage girls, find this song relatable as it talks about a guy who is great around his girlfriend, but acts stupid around his friends. Familiar feeling, right?

In the End – Linkin Park

Released way back on October 9, 2001. This became a hit when it got released. With its meaningful lyrics and sick melody, people were amazed. There were various people trying to guess what this song was about. However, most of the people believed that it was about a guy who wasted a couple of years for a girl who did not seem to care about it at all. This song is a creative way of expressing the complicated feelings we feel when we realize that we wasted our time for something unworthy.

Perfect – Simple Plan

The iconic line of this song, Ï’m sorry I can’t be perfect”, touches the depth of the emotions that most of the neglected children feel. This song had a huge impact on kids who were struggling to get along with the authority figures in their lives. It let them know that others felt the same way, and a sense of community formed around it.

Poker Face – Lady Gaga

People were mesmerized when this got released. Aside from its catchy lyrics and beat, Gaga showed her unique sense of fashion. Did you know that this iconic song we used to scream our lungs out is about bisexuality? Yes! It was written as an idiom of how she uses poker face as an expression when making love with a guy, hoping for him to get that she prefers doing it with a woman.

You Belong With Me – Taylor Swift

According to Taylor, “This tune is fundamentally about needing somebody who is with this young lady who doesn’t see the value in him by any means. Fundamentally like ‘young lady nearby itis.’ You know him better than she does, and you like this guy you’ve had all your life, but the popular girl always wins.” The song captured the emotions of girls who felt like a backburner or girls who can only admire someone from afar.

The songs mentioned evoked memories from the past, while tapping our emotions. The power of music is surely timeless!

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