Are you ready to be the next Harry, Zayn, Liam, Niall, and Louis? Then this is your chance to be the next One Direction!

Screengrab from Simon Cowell’s Official Instagram

Simon Needs You!

After 14 years of One Direction’s formation, the music mogul Simon Cowell, renowned for his ability to spot and nurture talent, has revealed that he is launching a country-wide search for the next boy band group. This is not just any opportunity, but a chance to work directly with Simon Cowell, a man who has shaped the music industry. He even posted on his Instagram account on the 5th of June 2024, captioned I need you! Link in Bio. It was later revealed that the selection process would be filmed and might become a potential documentary series.

Photo from Simon Cowell’s Official Instagram

When asked why he decided to create a new boy band this year after One Direction, he said, “If I don’t do it this year, I’ll regret it, so let’s do it.” This is not just about Simon Cowell’s vision, but about your potential. The question remains, though: are you fit to be the next Simon Cowell’s new boy band member? This could be the opportunity that propels your singing career to new heights.

Photo from Simon Cowell’s Official Instagram

Are You Ready to Be the Next Mega Boy Band Member?

One Direction was more than just a boy band. They were a cultural phenomenon, known for their overflowing charisma and spectacular singing voices. These qualities made the boy group a band that dominated an era. Furthermore, the members were apparently good-looking, which made their fans, especially the females, scream with zeal. This is the legacy you could be a part of. 

Following their disbandment in January 2016, in 2024, Simon Cowell announced that he would be launching an audition for a boy band boot camp to select the new members of the new boy band. However, what qualities does Simon need for the hopefuls to qualify for the boot camp? Simon is seeking for talents with the following characteristics:

  • Male ages 16 – 18
  • Possesses the Passion and Charisma
  • Must have Star Quality

If selected, the hopeful must make himself available for auditions in July and August and the subsequent filmings in October 2024 through January 2025. The country-wide search for the following boy band members will be held in the following cities: Liverpool, Dublin, and London. The specific dates for each city will be announced soon. 

Photo from One Direction’s Official Instagram



  • Newcastle: 4th and 5th July 2024
  • Liverpool: 7th and 8th July 2024
  • Dublin: 28th and 29th July 2024
  • London: 1st, 2nd and 3rd August 2024

The specific locations of the auditions are yet to be determined.


One Direction was a phenomenal hit and a boy band that dominated an entire generation. Being part of the new boy band could offer you similar fame and success. However, can you match the fame of the former boy group or even surpass them? Well, there’s only one way to find out: to apply for the auditions!

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