A day of appreciation and love to our Planet Earth.

Earth Day is a special day not just to appreciate the beauty of our planet, but also to reflect on the challenges it faces. It is important for us to consider the actions we can do to preserve its grandeur for the next generations.

It started way back on April 22, 1970 and has now since grown into a massive movement that spans over 193 countries.

This day serves as a reminder of the coordination of humanity and our nature. It aims to inspire people to preserve our earth’s natural habitat and resources and reduce the effects of climate change.

Every year, the Earth Day Org. releases themes to idealize the diverse activities that every individual from different countries can participate in. This year’s theme is, “Planet vs. Plastics”

Planet vs. Plastics

This calls to advocate extensive awareness of the health risks of plastics, lessen its production worldwide, and is strongly pushing everyone to actively participate in this campaign for the betterment of our climate. This emphasizes encapsulating the urgent global challenge of combating plastic pollution. Plastic waste has destructive impacts on our planet. As humans benefit from Earth and its natural resources, it is our responsibility to take care of it.

Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste

1. Stop buying bottled water.

This has a huge impact on plastic waste control even if it’s a small gesture. Not only that, you can also save a lot of money.

2. Use reusable bags.

Carrying a reusable shopping bag when getting groceries or running daily errands to avoid using single-use plastic bags.

3. No to plastic straws.

Buying a metal straw that you can use countless times or other alternatives like paper straws, are more efficient and environmentally-friendly than using plastic straws.

4. Practice proper waste disposal.

Proper disposing of plastics and recycling it whenever possible.

5. Spreading awareness.

Educate others about the harmful effects of continuously using plastics, and the importance of proper waste management. Encouraging them to adopt sustainable practices will greatly help too.

By incorporating and practicing the said way, you can significantly contribute to the planet’s plastic pollution. Small things that we do on a daily basis have big impacts in our environment.

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