Art is everywhere, even in the places you would least expect them. It’s a given that we’re bound to appreciate classic greats such as the works of Renaissance artists like da Vinci and Michelangelo, as well as more modern artists like Picasso. 

But did you know that Filipinos are also capable of creating beautiful pieces of art that we should celebrate and appreciate as much if not more than the classics?

Batangas’ Provincial Tourism and Cultural Affairs Office (PTCAO) celebrates its homegrown local artists during National Arts Month by promoting their works and stimulating public interest in Batangueno art and goods. Amado Hagos, the Division Head of Culture and Arts of PTCAO, expressed his desire to ride on the wave of nationalism afforded by the National Arts Month and take this opportunity to shine a spotlight on Batangas’ cultural heritage and artworks.

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In light of this, the local government unit will be supporting various events that showcase local artists in their respective fields as part of the month-long celebration. Architecture, dance, theatre, music, visual arts, media arts, and literature are some of the creative aspects which will be celebrated. Programs such as ‘Lokal Eh!’ are also being initiated to help showcase Batangueno traditional products such as the ‘barong,’ ‘balisong,’ and ‘habing-ibaan,’ with foods such as the tamales and suman being included in the displays.

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On February 27, an awarding ceremony for these artists called the ‘Gawad Kumintang Para sa Sining’ will be followed by a film showing by Gabriel Malvar, a recipient of the Dangal ng Batangan award, as well as another film showing from Kidlak Tahimik.

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This award ceremony will be the first of its kind to showcase local artists and their work in the hopes of sparking a renewed interest in local artistry.

Additionally, the Batangas History Society, a collection of historians, writers, and academicians, will be conducting the ‘Unang Pandayan,’ a program for the planning, research, and sharing of knowledge about the history of the province. Consultative meetings with college research centers were organized by the group to bolster their efforts.

The province’s efforts to renew its citizens’ interest in its local art culture are commendable. Through awards, research, promotions, and recognitions, Batangas contributes to its ever-growing cultural heritage.

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