Let Dumaguete be your gateway to an amazing marine diving experience!

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Dumaguete’s marine waters is home to 150 species of corals, 200 species of fish, nine species of seagrass, and 20 species of mangroves. Furthermore, its seas are also a sanctuary for the endangered and protected species such as whale sharks and blue whales.

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The Ghosts of the Underwater

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Solenostomus paradoxus commonly known as ornate ghost pipefish or harlequin ghost pipefish, is a pipefish that is not apparently a fake one in the Solenostomidae family. This organism can reach a length of 12 cm, and they vary in color. Due to their small size and amazing camouflage abilities, these marine creatures are relatively hard to find. It can be mostly seen alone or with a pair swimming in the deep waters.

This unique marine organism can mostly be found in the Western Pacific and Indian Ocean. However, these relatively small lifeforms can also be found in the diving sites of Dumaguete, Negros! These organisms usually live in the coral reefs of Dumaguete.

The Home of the Underwater Ghosts

Photo from Canva

Dumaguete is home to spectacular diving sites. However, the ornate ghost pipefishes are commonly found around the Dauin area. These creatures usually house themselves along the coral reefs of Dauin waters. They mostly camouflage themselves among the sea grasses in the Dauin seas, through mimicking the motion of the said sea organism. What’s more interesting is that these marine life forms can change their colors to suit themselves within the environment – thereby gaining the nickname’ masters of camouflage,’ truly a ghost under the sea!

The Dauin diving site is just around the bustling south provincial city of Dumaguete in Negros Oriental. 

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