Are you lost, baby girl? Get your clothes off now!

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The Tambaloslos is a creature from Philippine folklore, especially known in the Visayas region. People believe that it loves to play tricks on travelers, making them lost in the forests. It’s known for its mischievous nature and enjoys leading people astray.

Is a Tambaloslos Similar to a Kapre?

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A kapre and Tambaloslos are different from each other because a Tambaloslos is a small creature. It has a big mouth with sharp teeth and a loud tricky laugh that can make people lost in the forest. It looks strange with a big nose, saggy cheeks and a very large PENIS. While a Kapre is a large, hairy giant that usually lives in a balete tree. It is usually seen smoking a large cigar and scares people who are near its tree.

How to Save Yourself from a Tambaloslos?

There is a clever trick to outsmart the Tambalolos. If you ever find yourself lost in the woods and think the Tambalolos are behind it, you can simply put your shirt, pants, underwear or basically all the clothes on backwards! This simple trick confuses the creature and when it sees you wearing your clothes the wrong way, it gets puzzled and loses its power to mislead you. So just by reversing your clothes, you can find your way out of the forest, according to our generational ancestors’ word-of-mouth in dealing with the Tambaloslos.

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