The tale of the two Taylors keep making rounds on social media, and the world, as they bring Filipino Swifties together!

Photo of Taylor Shiteh from Taylor Shiteh’s Official Facebook Page | Photo of Taylor Sheesh from Negros Swifties Club

Taylor Swift just released her latest album, “The Tortured Poets Department”, and yet another set of songs that will put the minds of Swifties in constant watch over what the lyrical genius included in every line.

But, the chances of having a Taylor Swift concert on Philippine grounds is next to never, which is why two creative and talented Filipinos took the matters to their own glittery hands!

The Era Of Sheesh & Shiteh

As anticipation for the Taylor Swift Eras Tour swept the nation, Filipinos eagerly awaited the chance to catch a glimpse of their idol live in concert. However, when the Philippines didn’t make the tour lineup, disappointment set in. But fear not! Enter the fabulous Taylor impersonators, gracing Philippine stages and spreading joy to their fellow kababayans. With their stunning performances, these talented look-alikes brought the magic of Taylor Swift right to our doorstep, leaving fans dancing and singing along in songs from the Taylor Swift album to the latest released Tortured Poets Department.

Taylor Shiteh

Photo from Taylor Shiteh’s Official Facebook Page

Meet Taylor Shiteh, the proud Cebuana and makeup artist from Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, who took the local scene by storm with her uncanny impersonation of Taylor Swift.

Photo from Taylor Shiteh’s Official Facebook Page

Starting her side hustle in 2018 at local gay bars, Shiteh’s resemblance to Swift quickly made her the talk of the town. From barangay T.S. performances to headlining events like The Tortured Poets Department Listening Party at The Circle Viewing Deck on April 19, 2024, Shiteh continues to captivate audiences with her infectious energy and spot-on performances, all while celebrating the release of Swift’s latest album.

Photo from Taylor Shiteh’s Official Facebook Page


Taylor Sheesh

Photo composed via Canva | Image of Sheesh From @heyyymacyou Instagram Page

After winning the lip-sync contest at a themed party, Taylor Sheesh was ready to conquer even bigger stages and win the hearts of Swifties across the globe!

Photo by Hagrid

Her journey to stardom hit new heights when fans couldn’t get enough of her electrifying performances. TikTok became her springboard to fame, propelling her all the way to Melbourne, where adoring fans from the Philippines and Australia alike sang along at her epic free concert. From lip-sync champ to international sensation, Taylor Sheesh is taking the world by storm, one unforgettable performance at a time!

Photo from TS Secret Sessions PH Facebook Page


Photo from Taylor Shiteh’s Official Facebook Page

With the sold-out shows of Sheesh and Shiteh, it’s crystal clear that Taylor Swift holds a special place in every Filipino heart. Who wouldn’t want to witness the real Taylor Swift grace our humble Philippine stages? Let’s keep our fingers crossed and our Spotify playlists on repeat as we eagerly await the day our dream concert becomes a reality!

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