The Curacha dish is a beloved treat of the locals of Zamboanga, with various restaurants in the city offering the dish because of its deep crimson color and possibilities for savory sea flavors! It’s become a favorite not just of the locals, but of tourists and travelers as well who stop by the city and manage to try it.

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Curacha is made from the ‘ranina ranina’ or spanner crabs, which are a species of crustaceans endemic to tropical habitats. What’s special about this species of crab is its wider and longer carapace, which means it holds much more white meat than its other counterparts. The people from Zamboanga City made really good use of this meat for sure!

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At first glance, the deep, red color of the crab’s shell is enough to make your mouth water from the thought of the sweet meat that might be hiding beneath it. The dish also exudes an excellent savory aroma, making sure you’re not going to ignore it when it arrives on the table. But if that doesn’t sound appetizing enough for you, Curacha is often served with a delectable sauce known as Alavar sauce that provides that characteristic glistening coat of goodness that’s waiting for you to dig in! 

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It’s also really easy to cook for yourself once you get a hold of the crab; you just have to steam it as you would normally steam the crabs at home! Such delicious meat, combined with its appearance and aroma, make for an excellent addition to your cooking repertoire!

Book a trip to Zamboanga City in Mindanao, and try the Curacha at the place it was created now! You’re sure to find yourself wanting more.

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