Have you ever wondered why your lola scolds you for sweeping the floors during Black Saturday or why your papa insists on staying close to home during Holy Week? These intriguing traditions, passed down through generations and rooted in the beliefs of our ancestors, are more than just rules. They are fascinating superstitions and customs that define how Bisaya observes the Lenten season. Let’s get into them:

1. Avoiding Bathing on Good Friday

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    Ever heard of the term “kandingon“? Well, those who avoid bathing during Good Friday can relate. According to tradition, bathing during this time brings bad luck, a belief from funeral rites where bathing is prohibited to avoid misfortune.

    2. Slow Healing of Injuries

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    From tiny paper cuts to falls, our elders believe injuries sustained during Holy Week take longer to heal. While lacking scientific proof, this belief is a testament to the deep-rooted superstitions that have shaped our culture and traditions, and bandages may become a staple longer than expected.

    3. Don’t Run Around Outdoors

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    If you want to avoid bumping into otherworldly beings and ghosts, then stay indoors! The belief is that on Good Friday, spirits roam freely, and making loud noises might attract them. So, keep it quiet and solemn.

    4. No Cleaning Allowed

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    Forget spring cleaning during Holy Week! Sweeping floors or cleaning is a big no-no, as it’s believed to sweep away good omens. So, leave the brooms and dustpans alone and embrace some messiness.

    5. Accident-Prone Week

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    In the olden days, traveling during Holy Week was discouraged due to the perceived heightened risk of accidents. While many now use the week for leisure, superstitions linger, reminding us to take extra precautions.

    These are just a few of the superstitions surrounding Holy Week in the Philippines, particularly among the Sugboanons. Do you, as part of our Bisaya community, have more to share? We’d love to hear from you!

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