We all dream about seeing the Eiffel Tower in all its metallic glory, wandering around the picturesque Italian countryside at daybreak, or even taking a well-deserved break at the Maldives. It’s one of the highlights we would consider to be an unforgettable experience, but Vicki Belo’s lucky staff have a thing or two to say about what the cake’s like in France or what it’s like to shop luxury brands in Italy.

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Not all of us are fortunate enough to get to travel around the world – heck, even some of us live our whole lives in the place we’re born in. Traveling and experiencing different cultures and languages is definitely an amazing experience, one we won’t likely ever forget. For sure, though, travel opportunities aren’t ones our 9 to 5 jobs are usually accompanied by, and with the onset of employees under celebrities reportedly being underpaid, or worse, abused, it’s a sad reality that we all have to deal with. The celebrity doctor couple’s staff members, make-up artist Marife and personal assistant Millet have a different thing to say, though!

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Of course, the pair get to travel with the couple when they have to attend events like fashion shows and the like, but they also get to travel on their own – for instance, to France for a Jean-Paul Hevin cake. Yes, you heard that right! With an amusing tone, Kho says he makes Millet fly to France for cakes when he wants to make up for mistakes. Talk about commitment!

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Millet has gone to notable places in the US such as Los Angeles, New York, and other global destinations like London (UK), Italy, Singapore, France, Japan, and Hong Kong.

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Marife has traveled to the Arctic, the Maldives, Canada, France, Italy, Singapore, Morocco, Africa, and New Zealand, among other places.

Sometimes, the couple gives them extravagant bonuses exclusively for luxury store items when the pair tag along to events. The pair have expressed how appreciative they are of the couple, and I mean, who wouldn’t, in all honesty! They’re truly lucky to have landed jobs under such caring and thoughtful employers.

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