Pacijan Island is a combination of rocky cliffs and white sands. It is also one of the three islands that comprise the Camotes Islands in the Visayas. So, if you plan to be adventurous on your next vacation, then Pacijan is for you!

Visit the caves

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Pacijan Island, like the other parts of the Camotes Islands, has beautiful rock formations. That means there are also wondrous caves, such as the Timubo Cave, Holy Crystal Cave, and Paraiso Cave. These underwater caves are filled with beautiful formations. The waters inside the caves can be freezing yet refreshing simultaneously.

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Unwind at the beach

Compared to the rocky formations, sharp stalactites, and stalagmites inside the caves of Pacijan Island, its beaches are of fine white sand! And if you want to stay for a night, the island’s beach resorts, such as the Mangodlong Rock Resort and the Santiago Bay Beach Resort, have got you covered, too! You can even wine and dine with your family and friends and enjoy the delicious delicacies of Pacijan.

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Plunge to the largest lake in the Visayas

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If you’re tired of the beach, fret not—Pacijan Island is also home to the largest lake in the Visayan region: Lake Danao! It is a guitar-shaped freshwater lake that you can plunge into or maybe kayak. However, when you decide to swim, locals advise you to be careful since there are tons of seaweeds under the lake that may shock you if you get frightened quickly. So, maybe grab a local with you or a professional to enjoy a safer experience.

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Bike through beaches

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Oh, to ride a bike along the white sandy beaches of a sun-kissed tropical island! You can ride through Borromeo Beach or even the path heading to the lake. It will be a date to remember; unless you don’t know how to balance and pedal a bike, that’s on you! You can also hire a motorcycle taxi or tricycle to get to places around Pacijan without breaking a sweat.

Enjoy freshwater fish

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Are you craving for seafood? Worry no more, as Pacijan Island has tons of freshwater fish to indulge in! Tilapia is their best-selling and the top source of income for the locals since the largest lake surrounds them. You can order tilapia anywhere, and they’d have it grilled for you! You can even request a SUTUKIL, which is a method that means “sugba” or to grill, “tuwa” or to make into fish soup or stew, and “kilaw” or to eat the fish raw and mix it with vinegar and salt.

So, book that Pacijan trip now and experience the freshness of nature surrounding the island this summer!

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