What’s there to expect in Malabuyoc?

Malabuyoc is a municipality in Cebu, Philippines. It is noted for its natural beauty, which includes lush foliage, rolling hills, and scenic scenery. The area also has various natural attractions that draw travelers looking for relaxation and refreshment. The town is also noted for its welcoming environment, with pleasant residents willing to share their culture and traditions with visitors. Overall, Malabuyoc is a charming resort that provides a serene escape from the rush and bustle of daily life.

So what should you expect from Malabuyoc?


Visitors can enjoy soaking in the hot springs’ mineral-rich waters, which can aid improve circulation, reduce muscle tension, and promote relaxation. The renowned springs in Malabuyoc are; Mainit Spring, Montañeza Spring, and Aranzana Spring. 


Malabuyoc’s waterfalls are a breathtaking natural feature that invites people looking for adventure and leisure. The calm sound of flowing water combined with the cold mist in the air creates a peaceful and serene environment. The falls are an excellent place to swim, picnic, or simply enjoy nature’s beauty. Visitors can surely feel the cool mist on their skin and hear the soothing sound of the waterfall, providing a relaxing and calm atmosphere. You may visit Montaneza Falls, Mainit Falls, and Kabutongan Falls. 


Malabuyoc’s beaches do offer a combination of natural beauty, tranquility, and recreational options, making them appealing destinations for those looking for a pleasant beach vacation. The spectacular coastline scenery, clear waters, and tranquil surroundings give the ideal backdrop for guests to relax, reconnect with nature, and participate in a variety of activities. The beaches to visit are; Basdaku Beach, Nug-as Beach, and Dalaguete Beach. 


Malabuyoc Cebu, serves a variety of local cuisines and delicacies that reflect the region’s distinct flavors and culinary traditions. Some of the must-try meals available in Malabuyoc are:

1. Ginamos 

A famous local condiment prepared from fermented fish or shrimp, is commonly used to provide savory and umami flavor to foods like grilled meat, veggies, and fried rice. It is a common component in many Cebuano recipes, recognized for its strong and distinct flavor.

2. Budbud Kabog

A traditional Cebuano delicacy prepared from pulverized millet seeds boiled with coconut milk and sugar before being wrapped in banana leaves and steamed. It has a sweet and nutty flavor, and the millet seeds add a unique texture that distinguishes it from other Filipino rice cakes.

3. Linarang 

Linarang is a famous Visayan cuisine consisting of fish cooked in a tangy and flavorful sauce prepared with vinegar, garlic, ginger, and spices. The fish is usually cooked until tender and tasty, resulting in a wonderful and soothing seafood dish that goes well with steaming rice.

Drop by at Malabuyoc, Cebu and look forward to trying their delicacies and remarkably experience the essence of their natural hotpots! 

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