Everywhere you look, there are iced coffee shops!

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Us, Filipinos, are known for our fascination with coffee; we drink it upon waking up, at high noon, and even enjoying a cup before bed time. It has become a habit that many foreigners are amazed at. But, nowadays, as compared to enjoying the warm soothing sensation of a hot cup of coffee, the new generation prefers to perk up with a cold variety, specifically filled with ice!

So, let’s check the reasons why Gen-Z’s or rather, the new generation just so love iced coffee drinks more than its original hot blend:

Less acidity

Photo from Sugbo.PH Official Facebook Page

According to food science, the brewing process of hot coffee leads to a higher acidity percentage as compared to cold coffee which is 65% less acidic. This acid can then cause gastrointestinal issues for those who have sensitive stomachs.


Photo from Sugbo.PH Official Facebook Page

Gen-Zs are the ones who seem to always be on-the-go; so, as a way to meet up with the daily hustle and bustle of life, iced coffee in a beautifully decorated cold cup is the beverage of choice! You can literally find small iced coffee stalls in almost every single corner of a city in the Philippines; brands are popping up like whack-a-moles!

Best-suited for the hot climate

The heat index nowadays is just getting out of hand! This is one of the reasons why people prefer cold over hot drinks, especially when it comes to coffee. How the older generation got through with their hot drinks in the summer is a baffling thought, but today, even as the evening strikes, the heat is still on; so, an iced coffee drink it is!

Great as a dessert

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Hot coffee is great paired with dessert, but iced coffee itself CAN be the dessert! And the best part is, there are also tons of different flavor add-ons to choose from: be it strawberry, black forest, matcha, and many more!

Quicker perker

The warmth of a hot coffee can give a relaxing and soothing effect on the body as you consume it, which can sometimes cause the drinker to feel drowsy before feeling that needed energy. However, cold beverages like iced coffee can give an invigorating and refreshing effect because of its temperature, which helps wake you up and increase alertness in an instant!

Photo from Sugbo.PH Official Facebook Page

There you have it, folks! Hot versus cold, warm versus iced. And if you are a Gen-Z who also loves coffee, might as well share your thoughts below and let’s see what your reasons for choosing iced coffee over the traditional brew.

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