Have you ever wondered why Wagyu beef is expensive? Why is it that expensive if it’s just a simple steak?

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Wagyu beef is famous for its high quality and unique taste, but it is also known for being expensive. Here’s why:

A Special Breed of Cow 

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Wagyu beef comes from a specific breed of cow that originated in Japan. These cows are known for their genetic ability to produce meat with a lot of marbling. Marbling refers to the white flecks of fat that are distributed throughout the lean muscle of the beef. This fat, when cooked, melts into the meat, enhancing its tenderness and flavor. Because these cows are unique and rare, the meat is more expensive. The cows are fed a special diet that includes high-quality grains.

Photo contributed by Wagyu Philippines

This diet is designed to enhance the marbling and overall quality of the meat. Feeding the cows this way is more costly than the typical diet for the other regular cows.

Intensive Care of the Cows

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These cows receive exceptional care, including regular health check-ups and a low-stress environment. Farmers ensure the cows are comfortable, often providing them with spacious living conditions and even massages. This high level of care increases the cost of raising wagyu cattle. Wagyu cows raised for a more extended period mean higher costs for farmers, which are passed on to the consumer.

High Demand and Import Cost

Wagyu beef is still produced in Japan and exported to other countries. The costs of shipping, which include refrigerated containers and expedited delivery to maintain the meat’s freshness, and import duties, which are taxes imposed on imported goods, add to the overall price. Many people worldwide want to try Wagyu beef because of its reputation for being the best beef you can, but this high demand, combined with the limited supply, drives up the price even more.

There are fewer Wagyu cows than there are other types of beef cattle. The limited number of Wagyu cattle means less Wagyu beef is available, making it more exclusive and expensive.

Photo from Canva

Wagyu beef, a culinary treasure, is expensive due to its unique origins. It hails from a special breed of cows that demand a unique diet, extended raising time, and intensive care. The limited supply and high demand further elevate its price, making it one of the most exclusive and luxurious types of beef available.

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