Kalanggaman Island took the country abuzz when photos of the beautiful island became a trend in various social media platforms.

Kalanggaman is a Visayan isle located just between the island of Leyte and Cebu. It has unspoiled beauty that boasts sandbars extending for about a kilometer, white sands, and clear waters. The island has an extensive stretch of palm trees that provide shade especially during high time. Its name was based on the Cebuano word “langgam” which means “bird” since the island looks like a bird with its wings fully stretched from the top view.

Kalanggaman Island Leyte (1)
Giff Atienza
Kalanggaman Island Leyte (3)
Giff Atienza

Since the closure of Boracay for rehabilitation, Kalanggaman Island was dubbed to be the next Boracay – but minus the excessive crowd. Unlike Boracay, the tourist board can only allow a maximum of 500 visitors at a time since the island can only hold that much.

What to do in the island?

  • Watch the picturesque sunset on the western part of the island
  • Beach activities such as volleyball and Frisbee-ing
  • Swimming, snorkeling and diving, kayaking, and many more.
Kalanggaman Island Philippines (3)
Jaylord Bornea
Kalanggaman Island Philippines (1)
Jaylord Bornea
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Jaylord Bornea

What to wear and bring?

  • Wear comfortable clothes and a comfy pair of flip flops.
  • Food and water for hydration. (Remember to bring your trash with you when you leave the island)
  • Sunscreens and eye protection
  • Camera
  • Enough cash
  • Good company
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Jaylord Bornea

Where to stay?

At present, there’s only one resort on the island. However, the local government established basic facilities across the island for the tourists’ comfort and protection.

If you are planning to spend the night in the island, you can go camping. You can bring your own tent or rent one for ₱200-400 per tent, on top of the camping fee.

Camping Fees

  • Local: ₱225 per head
  • Foreign: ₱750 per head
  • Students: ₱30-60 per head (must present a student ID)

JeTer Resort, Kalanggaman Westside

The resort only provides Teepee Hut for ₱1,000 per night, good for 2pax with breakfast.

  • Contact number for reservations: 0917-587-4984
  • Social: Facebook Page

Summary of Fees


  • Local: ₱150 per head
  • Foreign: ₱500 per head
  • Students: ₱20-40 per head (must present a student ID)


  • 15 Capacity: ₱3,000
  • 25 Capacity: ₱3,500
  • 30 Capacity: ₱4,000


  • Local: ₱225 per head
  • Foreign: ₱750 per head
  • Students: ₱30-60 per head (must present a student ID)


  • 4-Person Tent: ₱300
  • 4-Person Tent: ₱200


  • Small: ₱250 (15 Capacity)
  • Medium: ₱500 (25 Capacity)
  • Large: ₱750 (30 Capacity)
Kalanggaman Island Leyte (2)
Giff Atienza

Contact Information


  • For general inquiries about Kalanggaman and guides.
  • Contact numbers: 0998-555-1421 / 0926-816-4007 / 0926-816-4005 / (053) 555-9731



  • It is mandatory to register first at Palompon Ecotours Office. It is located at Liberty Park (near Palompon Municipal Hall)
  • There is no electricity in the island, only solar powered lamps (plus the moon and stars, if the weather permits) lighten up the night.
  • Loud music is not allowed during night time which makes the place serene.

How to get there?

Kalanggaman island is situated at Palompon, Leyte. You can reach the island by air, land, or ferry.

By air:

  • Book a flight going to Tacloban City or Ormoc City.
  • From Tacloban Airport, ride a van going to Palompon which will take you about 3 hours.
  • From Palompon City, ride a boat (60 minutes) or speed boat (30 minutes) going to Kalanggaman Island.

By land:

  • If you don’t mind long travel times, Ceres Buses from Manila have daily schedules going to Palompon, Leyte. It will be about 24-hour travel time, passing different provinces such as Naga, Samar, and Laguna so prepare your eyes for a feast. Plus, the fare is way much cheaper than by air alternative. (Not applicable when you are lucky enough to steal a promo fare during seat sales, of course.)

By ferry:

  • If you are coming from Cebu, aboard a SuperCat in Pier 3 going to Ormoc, or en route to Palompon. The boat ride will take about 4 hours.

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