If you think Boracay was at its best form after its rehabilitation, you’re half right because Boracay is in its best form while the whole country is under Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ).

While our norms have been placed on hold, Mother Nature has been breathing, hence the beautiful sceneries. Boracay is not an exception. It looks like a postcard!

Without the rowdy crowd and their negligence, Boracay looks too good to be true. The tranquility of the place is worth all the wait so we could enjoy its best form immediately after this pandemic.

Located in the Municipality of Malay, in the Province of Aklan, Jack Jarilla has seen the breathtaking view of Boracay. He’s shared it on his FB account on April 7 and his photos have gained 5,400 shares and 2,500 reactions as of this writing.

These photos were taken by the photographer during a property shoot. May these photos encourage us to follow the guidelines imposed and love our own. After this crisis, let us support local.

Photos by Mr. Jack Jarilla

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