Admit it, we need a breather in between piles and loads of pressure and problems. Cambugsay Healing Hills in Bohol gives you that kind of solitude you desperately need.

Photo from Joseph The Explorer

Cambugsay Healing Hills is in Brgy. San Pascual, Ubay, Bohol. Ubay is a town in the Northeastern Bohol. A picturesque beauty of nature awaits you as you unload your burdens in the place filled with peace and fresh air.

Here, you can trek to see towering trees flaunting their green canopies and walk along the farm. You can also taste here the delicious red lady papaya known for being rich in Vitamins C and E, and several antioxidants. You also get the chance to see the Cambugsay model coffee farm that produces “Robusta”, one of the best varieties of coffee.

Photo from Joseph The Explorer
Photo from Joseph The Explorer

The Malingin Dam is one of the things that you should consider witnessing while in Cambugsay Healing Hills. The area is peaceful too and offers refuge from the hustles and bustles of the city life. Kayaking on the lake is also an interesting activity to do.

After a tiring trek, you can enjoy a good and sumptuous meal with your family and friends at the top og the hill.  Don’t forget to take cool shots in an aerial view!

You can arrange an eco-tour with the municipal tourism officer. Five years old and above can experience the tour and one must wear rubber shoes or sandals, and pants. It is also advisable to bring extra shirts, hand towel and water.

Photo from Joseph The Explorer
Photo from Joseph The Explorer

Team Buildings, seminars, trainings and other celebrations can also be done at the Cambugsay Camping Site.



  • Tour/Entrance Fee: P30/person


  • Contact number: 0917-311-3974
  • Email address:


Exact location: Brgy. San Pascual, Ubay, Bohol, Central Visayas

If travelling from Cebu, you need to get to Ubay first by boat. Fare is around P800-P1000. From Ubay port, take a jeepney bound to Barangay San Pascual Proper. Fare is P10. From San Pascual Proper, you can ride a habal-habal all the way up to Cambugsay Healing Hills. You can also hike your way to the hills to save money. It’s just a kilometer of narrow dirt road. Plus you get to enjoy the scenery.

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