Enhanced Community Quarantine. Home-isolation. Lockdown. The coronavirus outbreak and its subsequent dissemination across the country has left everyone in shock and disbelief, especially in the Province of Bohol.

When a 17-year old girl from the town of Tubigon in the Province of Bohol tested positive on a rapid test, Boholanos were left in confusion as to why, when, where, and how it happened. Accompanying this fear is the feels of discrimination amongst the residents of their barangay.

While awaiting the result of the PCR test of the girl, the barangay of the girl was placed under semi-lockdown. With this, an implementation of a one-entry and one-exit policy is being observed.

But, this is not the point. Because, this is to spread awareness to everyone. Residents of brgy. Pinayagan Norte is making a move on social media through their #LabanPinayaganNorte campaign.

Residents of all ages posted their photos using the hashtag #LabanPinayaganNorte on Facebook. This campaign is to show awareness to everyone that the residents of the said barangay are working hand-in-hand to get through this hurdle. That regardless of the fear by the townspeople, they will get through this all.

Being stared at while doing groceries, being refused to hail a tryke, the judgment by the people on social media, these have all caused the people to feel discriminated.

History tells us that this is the first time that the fear of disease has led people to, for lack of better word to use, discriminate the people of Pinayagan Norte.

May this already STOP. We are not the virus. We too are afraid of the virus. We also dread this disease. We are also praying for this pandemic to end. Please. We are one with you. We deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. We are humans too. But, we can’t blame you. We just hope you’ll act more humanely in handling this situation. STOP DISCRIMINATING US. Especially our friend, the 17-year old girl. Instead, pray for us. Pray for her. Pray for her family. Pray for everyone. Especially the world.

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