Waterfalls in the Philippines never fail to put us in awe and it’s awesome to have so many breathtaking waterfalls, both hidden and out in the open, that just keeps impressing us no matter how many falls we visit.

A stunning and majestic waterfall in Negros Occidental is a particularly jaw-dropping sight with its height and beauty. Balea Falls, due to the magnificent views and thriving nature surrounding it, attracts both locals and outsiders to its grandness.

Photo from Don Don Varela Caranguit | Lakat Mountaineering Club Facebook Page
Photo by limitsfound
Photo by Uriel Niño

The trekking site where visitors take selfies with the waterfalls has a majestic waterfall with a strong stream of water gushing from quite a high place. The water cascades onto the face of the rock formation which breaks the waterfall into multiple streams. At the bottom is a stream where the water continues to flow deeper into the forest and the mountains.

Balea Falls is not an easy place to find as it is hidden in the thick of trees and other foliage as well as multiple verdant mountains that further conceal its location. The path going to the waterfalls itself involves a bit of walking through thick vines and bushes and wading through muddy paths. The best way to determine that the waterfall is close is by listening to the strong sound created by the waterfalls and the sight of the tip of the waterfall which becomes visible a few kilometers away.

Photo by Mark Divino
Photo by Noray Mae Arances Bulibuli
Photo by Dorolaagan FB Page
Photo by Dorolaagan FB Page

Hydroelectric power plant

Due to the extremely strong currents at the main waterfall of Balea Falls, it has been converted into a hydroelectric power plant to generate and provide electricity to the rural barangays in the municipality of Calatrava. Unfortunately, due to the lack of a reliable trekking path going to the main falls and the extremely strong currents at the top, trekkers and regular visitors of the falls have no access to the main waterfalls.

Photo by limitsfound
Photo by limitsfound



Exact location: Brgy. Marcelo, Calatrava, Negros Occidental

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