The beauty of the islands in the Philippines, particularly this one in Davao del Norte, is not meant to be left unappreciated.

Isla Reta Beach Resort in the quiet island of Talikud in Davao del Norte deserves to be highlighted for the atmosphere of complete relaxation that it exudes. It serves as a perfect place to have fun any days of the week.  

Photo from Isla Reta Beach Resort (Official) Facebook Page
Photo by Jayz Navallo
Photo by Jayz Navallo
Photo by Betchai

The resort is ridden with white sand where you can laze around, and its spacious beachfront area is enough to cater your group’s beach activities like beach volleyball and frisbee. Other teambuilding activities can also be done here. If you’re done pumping up your adrenaline, go and swim into the clear blue waters of Isla Reta. It’s so invigorating you would want to swim all day.

More than the sand and the waters, the area is also abundant with trees adorning the entire stretch of the resort. The wide canopies serve as natural shades from the heat of the sun. It made the place appear like a tropical heaven in Davao del Norte and guests who have been here can attest to how relaxing it is to sit on the sand underneath the Talisay trees.

Photo by Jessa Balunos
Photo from Isla Reta Beach Resort (Official) Facebook Page
Photo by Cymer Ba-ay
Photo from Isla Reta Beach Resort (Official) Facebook Page
Photo by Roum Alonzo

Isla Reta Beach Resort also has overnight accommodation if you want to savor the moment, sleep to the sound of the waves and wake up to the beauty of the calm seas. There are also camping tents if you wish to stay close to the seas at night.

Cooking services are available, so you don’t have to stop whatever you’re doing just to prepare the food; they’ll cook your meals for you. At very affordable rates, you can get to enjoy freshly cooked meals from seafood, poultry, meat, vegetables, and some other dishes you want them to prepare.

Photo by Roum Alonzo
Photo by Jessa Balunos
Photo by Leamenzie Seguiza
Photo from Isla Reta Beach Resort (Official) Facebook Page

Talikud Island, the island where Isla Reta Beach Resort is located, is a small island located behind Samal in Davao. More than the pristine white shores and photogenic shorelines, the waters underneath this strip of paradise is teeming with rich and diverse marine world with protected coral and fish sanctuaries, truly making it as much a marvel below as it is above.

Here are a few reminders when booking a reservation in Isla Reta Beach Resort:

  • Reservation: They require the full payment of your accommodation and entrance fee.
  • QR Code: In line with your pending reservation, you will be asked to provide Government-Issued ID (with middle name, birth date and address indicated) for adult, and school ID/birth certificate for children/teens aged 6-21 years old. For children aged 5-0 years old they will be under the QR code of the parents/guardian.
  • Once fully paid we will send your QR code through their official Messenger account or through email.



  • Day Tour: P200/head (adult); P100/head (4-10 y/o)
  • Night Tour: P400/head (adult); P200/head (4-10 y/o)
    • inclusive of use of Pavilion, Open Function Hall, tables under Talisay Tree, Volleyball Court and Grill


  • Day Tour: 6AM – 5PM
  • Canteen: 6AM – 10PM
  • Kitchen: 6AM – 8PM


  • Picnic Hut: P400/night 
  • Tent: P400/night (good for 2 persons) 
  • Tent Space (for use of own tents): P100/night per tent 


  • Concrete Cottage: P900/night
    • good for 2 persons
    • non-aircon
    • private bathroom
  • Long House: P800/night
    • good for 3 persons
    • 3 single size beds
    • common bathroom
  • Dormitory: P6,500/night
    • good for 22 persons
    • 11 bunk beds
    • dressing room
    • non-aircon


  • Complete Bed
    • Single (Small): P90
    • Single: P100
  • Mattress
    • Single (Small): P50
    • Single: P60
  • Pillow: P20
  • Blanket: P20


  • Rice: P50/kilo
  • Meat: P100/kilo
  • Poultry: P100/kilo
  • Seafood: P100/kilo
  • Vegetables: P100/kilo
  • Fruit: P50/kilo
  • Canned Goods: P20/150 grams
  • Egg: P100/dozen


  • Boat Fare: P200/head (3 y/o and older)
  • Isla Reta Boat Rental (Roundtrip): P21,600 (54-person capacity)
  • Power Generator (6am-3pm): P150/hr
  • Projector and Sound System: P350/hr
  • Softdrinks and Liquor Corkage: 25% of resort price/bottle
  • Lechon Pork Corkage: P250/whole letchon



Exact location: Brgy. Sta. Cruz, Talikud Island, Davao del Norte

BY BUS: From Davao City, ride a PUJ or hail a cab going to Sta Ana Pier, located just beside Magsaysay Park. Ride on a ferry boat going to Talikud Island. The trip from Davao City to the island will take about 45 minutes. Here’s the schedule of the ferries:

  • Sta. Ana to Isla Reta
    • 9:00 AM – Isla Reta Boat
    • 10:00 AM – Pacific
    • 12:30 PM – Jessa
    • 1:30 PM – Talikud Express
    • 5:30 PM – Robjan
  • Isla Reta to Sta. Ana
    • 6:15 AM – Talkiud Express
    • 6:30 AM – Jessa
    • 6:30 AM – Robjan
    • 3:00 PM – Isla Reta Boat
    • 3:00 PM – Pacific

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Sta Ana Pier” in Davao City.

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  1. Jeremy Mabini

    Staff is rude and unprofessional. Toilets are unhygienic. Barge transport was late.
    Owner is a known homophobic and transphobic person.

    0/5 stars. Avoid like the plague.