As the cases of coronavirus in the country have surged, more companies have also required their employees to work from home.

Boracay is different though, because they’ve taken a twist from the usual work-from-home setup. Instead of working in the comforts of your home, in Boracay, you can have your own tropical office.

You might have gone tired of the usual boring background during your conference calls so, change the view. The most beautiful backdrop for your video call is definitely the beautiful beach in Boracay.

What are you waiting for?

Head on to the beautiful Boracay and work from there. Take a dip while waiting for your working hours and head to your tropical office immediately after. You can never worry so much about traveling while working so, save your leave credits for later.


Work From Paradise collaborates with local hotels to provide their guests with an enjoyable environment to work in. They aim to let everyone experience work-life balance through working in some of the most beautiful beaches in Boracay.



  • Overnight – P464 (max of 2 persons)
  • 7 Days – P6,500 (max of 2 persons)
  • 30 Days – P25,000 (max of 2 persons)


  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free daily morning coffee
  • Complimentary drink upon arrival
  • Close proximity to popular landmarks
  • Co-Working Space
  • 10% Discount at Kabar Station 1
  • Note: Utility bills are excluded from the rental rate
  • (Water and electricity: Estimated around 500per week)


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