Do you believe in luck and fortune? If you do, you’re not alone! It has been a custom of many people, especially Filipinos, to prepare for the coming new year by doing activities that are supposed to bring luck into one’s home, business, and life.

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This coming 2023, which is also known as the Year of the Rabbit in the Chinese calendar, Feng Shui expert Master Hanz Cua shares some lucky tips that you can try out. Who knows, this might be your chance for a luckier and more prosperous year ahead!

1. Wear blue clothes or use blue home decor/objects.

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2023’s lucky color will be water blue; thus, it is advisable to have objects inside your house with a touch of blue. According to Cua, every object inside the house doesn’t need to be blue; a few will do, especially during the first few months of the year.

2. Hang or put rabbit lucky charms on display.

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Because 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit, displaying or hanging rabbit lucky charms is considered to bring luck and fortune. These lucky charms may include rabbit figurines, calendars with rabbit designs, or any lucky charm that has the image or symbol of rabbits.

You may also do this for your office, but they should be placed in the east portion of the office. Do the same for your house, especially the living room and kitchen to enhance good energy and the manifestation of your wishes.

3. Burn nine pieces of incense inside the house.

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To drive away bad luck, Cua also advises burning incense. This should be done in every corner of the house to ensure that bad luck is driven away. The incense must be burned while walking in a clockwise manner inside the house.

While burning the incense, you may also say the words “this house is full of love, this house is full of prosperity, this house is full of happiness,” including your other wishes.

4. For single people, cover your beds with pink bedsheets. For those in a relationship, cover your beds with red bedsheets.

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Cua advises single people to use pink bedsheets this coming new year for them to be luckier in terms of love and relationships. On the other hand, he advises couples to use red bedsheets for a happier and more passionate relationship.

5. Avoid loud activity or construction activities in the east portion of your house.

Cua strongly advises people to take good care of the east portion of the house or store, because this is where the Tai Sui, or the “Guardian God of the Year” sits. The Tai Sui is believed to bring sudden changes in one’s life, which may bring instability to the mind, finance, and love life.

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Thus, people are advised to avoid starting or ending construction or repair from the east part of any space in the house or store. They may start from the center or other sectors. Moreover, playing loud music in the east portion is also highly discouraged, as well as sitting while directly facing the east. It is better to face west while sitting, Cua says.

But then again, Cua explains that these are just guides and advice; our fortune and luck still lie in our hands. This coming new year, it is far more important for us to celebrate the holiday happily, together with our loved ones.

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