Kindness begets kindness.

This is what Daisy Bucad-Eng who used to be a salt vendor in Besao, Mountain Province have proven yet again.

Photo from GMA Public Affairs on YouTube

She migrated to Hong Kong and worked as a domestic helper to a kind-hearted boss, an elderly woman named Marie who treated her like family for 11 years. And though her salary there was just a mere P2,700 every month, she considered herself lucky on landing such an employer. Those 11 years of companionship and care apparently made a huge impact on the elder, Marie.

Photo from GMA Public Affairs on YouTube

Marie passed away in 2002 but had a surprise of a lifetime for Daisy as she included her in her last will and testament. 

Daisy’s inheritance include:

  • an apartment worth 25 million (converted into pesos)
  • stocks on different companies
Photo from GMA Public Affairs on YouTube

Daisy as grateful as she is didn’t waste the money given and used it to start multiple businesses. 

From a daily wage of around P100 to P300 as a salt vendor before, the Filipino mom now owns a five-story building that has commercial establishments, event spaces for rent, and transient homes and eveen lives in the penthouse of the said building.

Photo from GMA Public Affairs on YouTube

“Imagine ba naman siya ang nag bago ng kapalaran mo. I will do my best to [be] the person you want me to be.”- Daisy

Photo from GMA Public Affairs on YouTube

Daisy will never forget Marie’s kindness and encourages OFWs to have patience, hard work and to always do what’s right.

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  1. giselle jayme

    pinays are praised as domestic helpers, nurses & the u.s.a. i know friends who are blessed of the same..they are loved by their employers as they care for them like their own family…PRAISES & THANKSGIVING, AMEN! HALLELUIAH!