Ah, the nostalgia-inducing snacks of our childhood!

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Who could forget those afternoons when lola’s call would signal merienda time? And as we indulge in these familiar treats, memories come flooding back, thanks to what psychologists call the Proust phenomenon wherein an involuntary explicit memory is brought back due to a sensory stimulation.

So, let’s check out what snack combinations us Filipinos used to enjoy during our childhood:

Star Bread + Juice

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The delightful contrast of the star bread’s tough exterior and soft, chewy center pairs perfectly with a refreshing glass of orange juice. And that magical moment when you dip the bread into the juice, transforming it into a blissful, softened delight, is when our exhausted young selves get our energies back.

Sliced Bread + Spaghetti

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A staple at every Filipino children’s party, this classic combo brings together the sweetness of spaghetti sauce with the simple, comforting taste of sliced bread – a match made in merienda heaven.

Pandesal + Pancit Canton

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 An easy and satisfying snack combo, pandesal and pancit canton hold a special place in our hearts. Whether you prefer your canton saucy or well-cooked, there’s nothing quite like enjoying it with freshly baked pandesal straight from the local bakery.

Rice + Milo

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Ranked 6th as the country with the most rice consumed, us rice-loving Filipinos know the versatility of this staple food. Pair it with childhood favorite Milo, and you’ve got a winning combination. Whether you sprinkle Milo on day-old rice for a sweet, sticky treat or mix it into a hot Milo drink for a comforting twist, it’s sure to evoke fond memories.

Ginamos + Saba

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For a savory-sweet indulgence, look no further than ginamos and saba bananas. Boiled to perfection, the soft saba bananas are topped with salty ginamos, creating a delightful contrast of flavors that satisfies the taste buds. A simple yet satisfying snack that brings back memories of home.

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So, the next time you’re craving a trip down memory lane, why not recreate these beloved childhood snacks? Whether it’s the comforting star bread dipped in orange juice or the heartwarming combination of pandesal and pancit canton, these nostalgic combos are sure to transport you back to simpler and youthful times.

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