3, 2, 1, say cheese, Philippines! It’s a moment of pride as we spread smiles and happiness worldwide. A recent study by the University of Oxford’s Wellbeing Research Center revealed that our beloved country has secured the second spot in the list of happiest countries in Southeast Asia, a testament to our nation’s resilience and positivity!

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From our sunny weather to our stunning beaches and savory cuisine, it’s no wonder we Filipinos are beaming with joy every day, regardless of our situation in life. And the numbers don’t lie—our happiness levels have soared, with the Philippines jumping from 76th place last year to a delightful 53rd place this year out of 143 countries surveyed!

1st: Singapore

2nd: Philippines

3rd: Vietnam

4th: Thailand

5th: Malaysia

6th: Indonesia

7th: Laos

8th: Myanmar

9th: Cambodia

The research findings also revealed that the happiest demographic in the Philippines comprises the younger population, while individuals in the middle age group tend to exhibit lower levels of happiness.

The Culture of Bayanihan

Isn’t it incredible how resilient and hardworking Filipinos are? That’s why we’re often trusted and sought after when working overseas. But it’s not just our efforts that make us happy since here in the Philippines, the ‘Culture of Bayanihan’ is a beacon of our happiness, always ready to welcome anyone in need with open arms, embodying the spirit of bayanihan that still thrives in our modern world.

Photo from United Nations/Renato Macspac

Also, let’s remember our amazing talents in the performing arts! Whether singing, dancing, or putting on a show, we Filipinos know how to lift spirits and solve problems in the most uplifting way possible. Our love for music symbolizes our joy, shining bright on karaoke nights at fiestas, birthdays, and every celebration imaginable.

Photo from Wikimedia Commons

So let’s keep those smiles shining bright, Philippines! Let’s continue welcoming the world one grin at a time and facing each challenge with a cheerful and grateful heart!

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