Did you ever wonder why ancient civilizations considered eclipses as unlucky events? Then, let’s dive into the intriguing world of eclipse superstitions, where Ancient Chinese and Hindu traditions paint a picture of inauspicious times.

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According to Vedic systems, the air’s Prana during eclipses is “toxic” or “tamasic,” while Feng Shui Masters and Chinese Astrologers warn of the surrounding Yin Energy, notorious for its negative effects on our luck and energies. Even Western astrology adds to the mystique, suggesting eclipses symbolize hidden truths, suggesting that we may not see the full picture of a situation.

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But the beliefs don’t end there as we get to know these fascinating superstitions, not just in the Philippines, but also from around the globe:

Stay Indoors

In Filipino culture, expectant mothers are urged to stay indoors during eclipses to safeguard their unborn child’s health. It is believed that when a pregnant woman gets exposed outside during an eclipse, the child’s physical appearance will be affected by the eclipse’s gravitational pull. This is also why our dear lolos and lolas urge pregnant mothers to wear the color black as it hides the child in the womb from the eclipse.

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Across various cultures, staying indoors is advised for everyone, as the eclipse’s touch is believed to bring ill fortune.

Make Some Noise

Picture a dragon-like creature devouring the sun during an eclipse, a battle between good and evil. That is what our ancestors around the world used to believe in.

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In the Philippines, the creature is known as the “Bakunawa”, while in Ancient Egypt, the serpent is called “Apep”. Native Americans believed that a squirrel ate the sun while Ancient Chinese used to be fearful of the dragon that swallowed the sun causing the eclipse.

But regardless of what the name of the creature is, to repel it, communities worldwide create noise with pans and gongs, a symbolic defense against malevolent forces.

Avoid Spells

Don’t Accio that potion bottle and just postpone your entire potion-making endeavors until after the eclipse, as negative vibrations are said to intensify during these celestial events. Hold off on casting spells to prevent unintended consequences.

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No New Commitments

Hold off on signing contracts or making significant commitments during eclipses to dodge potential misfortune. Why risk inviting bad luck into future endeavors? And that includes saying yes to the dress, too! Even the Ancient Greeks believed that eclipses are signs of angry gods, so it would seem that even the heavens are against that agreement you’re about to make.

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Protect Your Crystals

Keep your crystals away from sunlight and moonlight during the eclipse, as they may absorb negative energy. Instead, take a moment to reflect on your blessings and express gratitude to the universe.

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These superstitions offer a glimpse into the rich tapestry of beliefs embraced by cultures worldwide, including us Filipinos. Have more to share? Then leave your list in the comments below!

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