Imagine dining in Fuente then a zombie apocalypse happens; would you survive?

According to the studies conducted by the Leicester University physics students, the average number of days a human can survive a zombie apocalypse is only up to 100. They even went into deep calculations which included the estimated number of humans left in three (3) months, which is only 300 after the initial zombie strike. And in nine months, it will be an eat or get eaten situation!

How to Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

In line with the Zombie Awareness Month, we will be diving into the methods and ways on how we can survive a possible zombie apocalypse, according to astrobiologist, Dr. Lewis Dartnell:

Prioritize your skills

Survival skills are important as it not only can save you but also your loved ones; so, make sure that you have even the most basic skills prepared. You can start by learning how to set fire to dry wood, learning to cook, and even learning to climb trees!

Find a great hiding place

Dr. Dartnell suggested avoiding going to the city center since it is where it can get overpopulated, not only with people but also with zombies, once they get infected! The countryside will be the best place to go, especially nearby rivers where you can get fresh water and food sources.

Pack a lightweight kit

When an actual zombie apocalypse happens, you won’t have enough time to even panic; so, it’s best to keep a checklist of lightweight vital items such as a knife, rope, jacket, flashlight, and a water bottle. And if you have medications to keep on hand, make sure to pack them as well.

Bring a phone

Maybe the zombies will destroy our communication systems, but we cannot deny the usefulness of phones. As long as you can find a charging area, you can use your phone to light your way, as a signal for help, and even as a compass. Your phone can also be your main source of time, for you to take note of the zombie hunting hours.

Scavenge & forage

Learning how to scavenge and forage can help in your survival especially when places become deserted. You can scavenger hunt for charging stations, batteries, edible fruits, and water sources.

Choose your friends

Remember the Covid-19 pandemic and how relationships were affected by the changes in the new normal? Imagine being in a situation worse than that, where trust is really vital for your own safety and survival. So, when the apocalypse comes, make sure that you’re with a group that you can rely on. A group who will not be hiding their zombie-bitten arms to deceive you. Also, maybe opt for those who are experts in the field of survival or who have ample skills, such as carpenters, farmers, mechanics, and doctors.

Know of any other tips for surviving a zombie apocalypse? Share to us in the comments below!

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