Adulting is real.

Coupled with the work from home set-up that majority of us are in, adulting had made us lost a good grasp of the work-life balance we are supposed to maintain. There are times that we tend to multitask – mixing household responsibilities with office-related duties. We are flooded with too much workload that we forget to pause.

It’s time to break free from that monotonous routine and reward ourselves with a breath of fresh air.

Mico’s Mountain View in Brgy. Milagro, Ormoc City is the place to visit if we’re seeking for a break with nature. It doesn’t offer anything grand and luxurious like that of highly acclaimed resorts. Rather, it brags excessive therapeutic feels of fresh air in a place isolated with a laidback ambience.

No one would refute the idea that nature helps us feel better. In fact, spending time outdoors improves low moods and promotes relaxation and calm. Here at Mico’s Mountain View, you can fill yourself with the magnificent view of the rolling verdant hills. Because the place is on the elevated parts of Ormoc City, you are treated with a satisfying overlooking view of the grassy hills lined with coconut and other tall trees.

It’s the perfect spot for a date or a hearty talk with your friends.

The place also makes a good backdrop for your pictures. It has giant structures stationed at designated spots in the area that serve as frames and backgrounds for those who want memorabilia of the visit. Of course, some don’t just settle for mediocre shots, so we unleash the model in us and slay the photoshoot.

One thing that makes the trip a complete immersion with nature is that the materials used to build this attraction are mostly made of bamboos and other indigenous stuff. Mico’s Mountain View lets you savor earth’s goodness while staying eco-friendly.

Aside from enjoying the said spot, you can also take a side trip to all other tourist attractions nearby when visiting Ormoc City. Be amazed at how vast the farmlands are and be surprised at the other interesting places here like the Danao Lake Natural Park and the Leyte Mountain Trek.

Adulting had surely hit majority of us the hardest, if not all. It means declining party invites for a sound sleep, choosing coffee over milktea, or browsing grocery items online instead of checking out trendy outfits. Indeed, growing up had pushed us to realize the value of simple things in life we took for granted when we were still younger.

Inhaling positive vibes at Mico’s Mountain is the therapy we deserve.



  • Entrance fee: P20 per head
  • Opening hours: 6AM – 7PM daily



Exact location: Purok 5, Brgy. Milagro, Ormoc City, Visayas

BY COMMUTE: Ormoc City can be accessed via plane, ferry, or bus. If travelling from Cebu, one can either take the Supercat fastcraft (Pier 4), which is a two-hour boat ride. There are also standard vessels that take about 5 hours to reach Ormoc City from Cebu. Once in Ormoc City, the most common modes of transportation are jeepneys and tricycles. You can rent a tricycle to take you to Mico’s Mountain View or hail a jeepney with routes going to Purok 5, Brgy. Milagro.

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Tongonan, Ormoc Barangay Hall” in Ormoc City. Then ask around where Mico’s Mountain View is. Parking space is available.

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