You haven’t really been to Negros Oriental if you haven’t visited Valencia yet.

Valencia is a progressive 1st class municipality in Negros Oriental, around 9 kilometers away from Dumaguete, the province’s capital city.  It is known to be the “Little Baguio of Negros”. While it’s true that the town is scarce of beaches and other coastal activities, Valencia doesn’t fall short in mesmerizing its travelers with its lush greenery, hidden waterfalls and historical sites and museums.

It’s time for a break from the sandy shores and include in your next travel itinerary these flagship places of Valencia in Negros Oriental.

1. Cata-al War Memorabilia

Photo from Cata-al WW2 Museum Facebook Page
Photo from Cata-al WW2 Museum Facebook Page
Photo from Cata-al WW2 Museum Facebook Page
Photo by Paul Angelo Inocencio Millado

Exact location: Jose Romero Road, Valencia, Negros Oriental

Curious about World War II? Feed those inquisitive minds with WW2 relics and artifacts housed in the private property of Porforio Cata-al, now an ageing man who survived the grim episodes of the American-Japanese encounter. The Cata-al War Memorabilia includes ancient military armaments, Japanese and American currency notes and coins, remnants of an American militia uniform, mess kits, binoculars, a century-old Eastman Kodak camera, assorted books and many other vintage items.

Mr. Cata-al Sr. started to collect these items after the war has simmered down. Later in life, his son, Felix Constantino Villa Cata-al then helped his father gather more items ranging from weaponries to non-weapon-related artifacts like old wrist watches, typewriters, and a lot more.  It is surely a trip back to this war that changed how the world behaved today.

Photo by Paul Angelo Inocencio Millado
Photo by Paul Angelo Inocencio Millado
Photo from Cata-al WW2 Museum Facebook Page
Photo from Cata-al WW2 Museum Facebook Page


  • Entrance fee: None
  • Opening hours: 9AM – 5PM

HOW TO GET THERE? From Dumaguete City, ride a Valencia-bound minicab that charges less than P30.00 which will take you to the town center unloading point. Jeepney fare costs P12-15 in reaching Valencia proper. From there one can ride a trike to drive you to the museum.

2. Tejero Highland and Adventure Park

Photo from Tejero Highland Resort & Adventure Park Facebook Page
Photo from Tejero Highland Resort & Adventure Park Facebook Page

Exact location: Taft St., Apolong, Valencia, Negros Oriental

Adventure is at a higher level when in Tejero Highland and Adventure Park.  This resort in the highlands of Valencia is a sure good way to de-stress and fill your day only with nature, excitement and action-packed activities. As they say it, it is not just a place to stay at; it’s meant to thrill and leave you spell-bind.

The resort has large swimming pools, wide choices of rooms where you can stay for the night, cottages, restaurant, snack bar, function rooms, and outdoor function garden. The fun doesn’t stop there. They also offer adventure activities like ATV rides, Zipline, Aqua Zorb, and water slides. ATV Tours can also be availed which will take you to Valencia’s prime tourist destinations.

Photo from Tejero Highland Resort & Adventure Park Facebook Page
Photo from Tejero Highland Resort & Adventure Park Facebook Page
Photo from Tejero Highland Resort & Adventure Park Facebook Page


  • Entrance fee: 
    • Adult: P120
    • Senior Citizen: P96
    • Children (2-12 y/o): P100
    • Below 2 y/o: Free
  • Opening hours: 9AM – 6PM


  • MEDIUM: P300 (good for 8 people)
  • LARGE: P400 (good for 15 people)
  • EXTRA LARGE: P500 (good for 20 persons)
  • EXTRA XL: P700 (good for 30 persons)
Photo from Tejero Highland Resort & Adventure Park Facebook Page
Photo from Tejero Highland Resort & Adventure Park Facebook Page


  • Villa Room: P3500 (with breakfast)
  • Deluxe Room: P3000 (with breakfast)
  • Suite Room: P3500 (with breakfast)


  • 3 Double Decks: P1800
  • 2 Single Beds: P1500
  • 2 Double Beds: P2000
  • 2 Double Decks and 1 Single Bed: P1500
  • 2 Double Decks and 1 Double Bed: P1800
  • The Safari Tent: P4000 (good for 8 pax)

ATV RIDES (Rate Varies per Destination):

  • Valencia Town Proper (max of 30 minutes): P900
  • Tierra Alta (max of 1 hour): P1400
  • Camp Lookout (max of 1 hour): P1400
  • Japanese Shrine (max of 1.5 hours): P1600
  • Casaroro Valley (max of 1.5 hours): P1400
  • Casaroro Valley / Falls – 345 steps to the bottom of the falls (max of 2 hours): P2300
  • Mag-aso Steaming Ground / Twin Falls Mountain (max of 2.5 hours): P2900


HOW TO GET THERE? From Dumaguete, head to Valencia jeepney terminal, ride a jeepney and get off at Valencia public plaza. From there, take a tricycle or habal-habal to reach Tejero Highland Resort and Adventure Park. You may opt to rent a tricycle or habal-habal from Dumaguete Boulevard with a price of P50 each or per negotiation with the driver.

3. Filipino-American-Japanese Amity Shrine

Exact location: 30 minutes uphill travel time from Valencia town proper, Negros Oriental

The Amity Shrine was built in 1997 to commemorate the souls of the departed who fought in the battle of World War II. It stands on the very ground where the war was once fought. The obelisk of the said shrine rises about up to 30 feet with a 3-sided pillar representing US, Japan and the Philippines. Here, you will be able to take an aerial view of Dumaguete city, as well as the dancing city lights at night.

Photo by daren counsel
Photo by Apr. Y
Photo by  Let’s Eskalz


  • Entrance fee: None
  • Opening hours: N/A

HOW TO GET THERE? The ride up to the shrine is steep and would require a 4×4 vehicle. From Dumaguete City to Valencia, it takes around 20 minutes travel and another 30 to 40 minutes going up to the site of the shrine. An important reminder though, the road is generally winding and could be dangerous for those not familiar to it. A guided tour is recommended.

4. Casaroro Falls

Exact location: Taft St, Valencia, Negros Oriental

Casaroro Falls is such a hidden gem tucked in the highlands of Negros. It’s at the foot of Cuernos del Negros or Mount Talinis. The spring in the upper slope of Mt. Talinis makes a 100-feet, single-layered, powerful drop of cold waters. The journey to the basin of this falls isn’t that easy though. There’s a 15-minute walk down its 357-steps stairway, then another 20 to 30-minute walk through a muddy and rugged trail where boulders of various shapes and sizes are scattered. This is surely for those who need a good dose of thrill. Don’t worry though because what awaits you is a grand and captivating work of nature.

Photo by Elal Jane Lasola (IG: @elallasola)
Photo by @carson.moody
Photo by Jeffrey Monilla
Photo by Jeffrey Monilla


  • Entrance fee: P30

HOW TO GET THERE? Hire a van from Dumaguete City if you are in a group – rates begin at $12 (or P600) – and hire an experienced guide once you get to Valencia. Another option is to take multi cab or jeep from Dumaguete City. Fare is less than P20 and the unloading point is in central Valencia. From there, you take another 30-minute ride to the jump-off point alongside the mountain. Then the hike begins.

5. Forest Camp Mountain Resort

Exact location: Taft Street, Valencia, Negros Oriental, 6200 Philippines

Forest Camp Mountain Resort greets everyone with perfect a blend of nature and human ingenuity. The resort sits in the shades of tropical indigenous trees, with a river passing through their landscapes.   You can enjoy to your hearts content their 9 cold spring swimming pools. They also serve delicious native Filipino dishes. It surely refreshes everyone.

Want some extra adrenaline rush? The resort also brags exciting activities like ziplining, wall climbing, mountain biking, farm tour and horseback riding.


  • Entrance fee: P120 (adult); P100 (8 y/o under)
  • Opening hours: 9AM – 6PM


  • Prime: P2000 (good for 20 persons)
  • Deluxe: P1500 (good for 10 persons)
  • Regular: P1000 (good for 6 persons)


  • Big: P700 (good for 10 persons)
  • Small: P500 (good for 6 persons)


  • Family Cottage: P4000 (Non-AC, good for 10 persons)
  • Double Cottage: P2000 (AC, good for 2 pax), P1700 (Non-AC, good for 2 pax)
  • Quadruple Cottage: P2500 (AC, good for 4 pax), P2200 (Non-AC, good for 4 pax)
  • Hammock Hut: P450/person(non-AC)
  • Dorm Cottage: P500/person (minimum of 4 persons)
  • Camp Site and Tents: P400/person (3-4 persons tent capacity)


  • Massage: P450/person (1hour)
  • Ziplining: P75/ride
  • Wall Climbing: P75 for 2 climbs
  • Horseback Riding: P75 per 15 mins
  • Farm Tour: P30/person
  • Mountain Biking: P900 per bike rental


HOW TO GET THERE? From Dumaguete, go to Dumaguete-Valencia Jeepney Terminal and ride on a jeepney bound to Valencia town proper (fare: P15). From Valencia town proper, take a pedicab ride to Forest Camp (fare: P10). A direct pedicab or tricycle ride from Dumaguete City is also an option for a fare of P300 and will take 20-30 minutes travel time.

6. Pulangbato Falls

Exact location: Red River Valley, Valencia, Negros Oriental

Falls around the country just come in different and unique characteristics. Pulangbato Falls in Valencia, Negros is named such because the cool waters that make the falls flow through the naturally reddish rocks of the Red Rock Valley. Interesting? It is. In fact, Pulangbato Falls is surrounded by red rocks complemented by the green forestry of the place. It is such an exquisite wonder to see and a convenient and calming place to relax.


  • Entrance fee: P20
  • Opening hours: N/A

HOW TO GET THERE? Take a jeepney from Dumaguete City bound to Valencia for P12. Upon reaching Valencia town proper, ride a habal-habal that will take you to Pulangbato for 20 mins.

7. Red Rock Hot Spring

Exact location: Brgy. Caidiocan, Valencia, 6215 Negros Oriental – 2 minutes away from Pulangbato Falls

Get yourself pampered by warm waters of Red Rock Hot Spring. The resort’s source of water come form the spring that has a temperature ranging from 37.5 – 39.5 degrees Celsius. The nearby view of the forest blanketing the mountains makes the experience a complete communion with nature. It’s exactly the kind of relaxation you need from the Casaroro and Pulangbato Falls trips. No doubt, it’s one of the most-sought out place for leisure and nature-tripping in Valencia. Don’t let yourself miss this.

Photo by HIROKI S


  • Entrance fee: P100 (Adult); P50 (Kids 10 y/o below)
  • Opening hours: 7AM – 6:30PM (weekdays); 7AM – 7PM (weekends and holidays)


  • Medium: P400 (10-12 pax)
  • Large: P700 (14-16 pax)
  • 1 Table and 2 Chairs Only: P100 (2 pax, no umbrella)
  • 2 Tables and 6 Chairs Only: P200 (max of 6 pax, with umbrella)
  • Extra Chairs: P5


HOW TO GET THERE? Take a jeepney from Dumaguete City bound to Valencia for P12. Upon reaching Valencia town proper, ride a habal-habal that will take you to Red Rock Hot Spring.

You see, Valencia’s top tourist destinations are just a stone throw away from one another. You won’t also have a hard time locating these places as the locals are very helpful. So, whenever you get to visit Negros Oriental, never forget Valencia. Valencia won’t fail you.

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