Obviously, Siargao Island is everyone’s dream destination while in the Philippines. Known as the surfing capital of the country, many tourists, both local and foreign, flock the island especially in the summer to enjoy its amazing views, beaches and many more.

And with that ‘many more’, that includes the numerous food spots located here. These are the top food places while you’re in the beautiful island of Siargao:

1. Kermit Siargao

Probably one of the most popular dining spots in the area, Kermit Siargao is frequented by tourists due to its laidback and relaxing adventure, definitely representing what being in Siargao is all about. With an architecture prominent with open spaces and tropical plants, comfort foods such as their famous wood fire pizzas, fruit shakes, and many more are perfect here. \

  • Opening hours: 11:00 – 21:00, daily
  • Address: Kermit Surf Resort, Purok 5 8419 General Luna Siargao Island, Surigao Del Norte
  • Contact numbers: (0917) 655-0548 | (0920) 968-9934

2. La Carinderia

With its namesake as the original word derivation every Filipino’s go-to eat place, which is a ‘karinderya’, La Carinderia in General Luna offers Filipino cuisine but with a blend of Italian cuisine as well. Both Filipino and Italian food staples such as the lasagna and sisig, respectively, are local favorites.

  • Opening hours: 08:00 – 22:30 (Mon-Thu) or 22:00 (Fri-Sun)
  • Address: Purok 5 General Luna, Sigao Del Norte
  • Contact number: (0977) 214-3914

3. Shaka

Priding itself as the “healthy alternative”, Shaka serves treats and delights that are guilt-free that include iced coffees, fruit smoothies, and juices. Fruit bowls are also widely popular, which is a perfect after a day’s worth of catching some waves while surfing.

  • Opening hours: 06:30 – 17:30
  • Address: Tourism Rd, General Luna, 8419 Surigao del Norte
  • Contact number: (0929) 422-8956

4. Isla Cabana

This restaurant is perfect for couples who are currently in a getaway in Siargao. Featuring both Asian and Western dishes, Isla Cabana is known as one of the fanciest restaurants in the area because of its overlooking view of the sea, making it a romantic affair especially during sundown and moonrise.

  • Opening hours: 00:00 to 23:30
  • Address: General Luna, Siargao Island, Surigao Del Norte, 8419, Philippines
  • Contact number: 0928 559 5244
  • Email address: islacabanaresort@gmail.com

5. Buonana

A dessert restaurant specializing in vegan creams, this place is perfect for those who have a sweet tooth at the same time trying to watch their calorie intake. As its name suggests, their most famous offering is their signature Buonana pops – frozen bananas served with a dipping cream of your choice.

  • Opening hours: 10:00 – 22:00
  • Address: Tourism Rd, General Luna, Surigao del Norte
  • Email address: buonanasiargao@gmail.com

6. Warung

If you are looking for a place in Siargao that offers Indonesian dishes, then this place is indeed for you. Warung’s Beef Rendang, Mie Goreng, and Chicken Satay are perfect if you want to cap the night with some spicy kick after the whole day at the beach. Even Indonesian tourists claim that Warung’s are really authentic cuisine.

  • Opening hours: 07:00 – 22:00
  • Address: Siargao Island Villas, Brgy. Catangnan, General Luna, Siargao, Surigao del Norte
  • Contact number: 0927-700-3221 or 0919-635-8064

7. Kawayan

Known for its luxurious private villas and a fine dining experience, Kawayan in Siargao is a great place to chow down due to its wide array of food choices. Fresh seafood is the most frequented meal by patrons that include resh tuna, French-style tuna tartar, and seafood pasta with prawns and calamari (fried squid). Desserts are also available.

  • Opening hours: Always open
  • Address: Kawayan Gourmand French Bakery, R567+GG3, General Luna, Surigao del Norte
  • Contact number: 0939 554 7450

8. White Banana Beach Club

Widely known as a popular beach front with almost 24/7 playing of live music matched with refreshing cocktails, this place is good if you want to hang around with those laidback vibes. This is also the restaurant among the list that offers a pescatarian menu, meaning they don’t serve pork, chicken, beef, or any meat except for some fish varieties. As a restaurant that practices ecological sustainability, they strive to keep plastic ware or disposable items at a minimum.

  • Opening hours: Always open
  • Address: Tuason Beach, Brgy.  Catangnan, Philippines
  • Contact number: 0947 553 1000

9. Harana Surf Restaurant

Named after the Filipino word ‘harana’, which means ‘serenade’ this restaurant serves popular Filipino dishes that are surely hearty. They specialize in serving Filipino fusion food with a twist. A case in point is the Harana Halo-Halo, the quintessential island dessert that means ‘to mix’. This is also the in-house restaurant of the Harana Surf Resort located along with the famous surf break, Tuason Point.

  • Opening hours: 7AM to 9PM
  • Address: Tuason Point, General Luna, Siargao Island, Philippines
  • Contact number: 0998 849 5461

10. Lamari Bar & Restaurant

Located inside Lamari Resort, this bar and resto offers an elevated island experience due to its laidback atmosphere with a hint of luxury. They serve local and international dishes using only premium ingredients and fresh seafood such as Mahi-mahi with Pumpkin Chorizo Risotto, Confit Duck Leg, Butcher’s Steak, and Callos (tomato meat stew).

  • Opening hours: Always open
  • Address: Tourism Road, Barangay Catangnan, General Luna, Siargao
  • Contact number: 0917 650 7743

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