Let’s be real; not all who are celebrities will stay celebrities for the rest of their lives.

There have been many Filipino celebrities who traded their fame for a normal life and a more stable job. One of those former celebrities is AJ Dee, Enchong Dee’s older brother. 

Photo from The Filo Dapper Facebook Page

AJ Dee was in ABS-CBN’s Moon of Desire, Pasion de Amor, and Tubig at Langis. AJ left his 13-year showbiz career to migrate to Oslo, Norway, with his Norwegian-Filipina wife and kids.

You might think Dee had it easy as he lived abroad, but that’s actually contrary to what Dee shared on ABS-CBN’s The Filipino Channel. According to the former actor, he began by starting a small business, such as selling longganisa. 

Photo from The Filo Dapper Facebook Page
Photo from The Filo Dapper Facebook Page

“We were selling longganisa. To be honest, we literally made longganisa with our hands and us three. Tatlo kaming partners doon”,

Dee stated. 

Aside from selling longganisa, AJ Dee started his new business venture, a men’s clothing business called St. James Oslo. The actor-turned-entrepreneur shared his interest in the fashion industry, which is why he made it his goal to have his own fashion clothing business.

AJ Dee is only one of the many celebrities who turned their life around after showbiz. He is one of the people who showcase how determined Filipinos are when living in another country. He is also one of the few Filipinos who succeeded in the fashion industry abroad.

Photo from The Filo Dapper Facebook Page
Photo from The Filo Dapper Facebook Page

With his determination and passion, AJ Dee was able to reach his dreams. Let him be an inspiration to all of us to take a leap of faith and pursue what we want.

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