From apparitions of a child beside the road to ghastly beings riding behind motorcycles, this road Samar is known to be a place of paranormal activities!

Let’s tackle the horrors in this terrifying accident-prone area in Borongan City, Eastern Samar!

Jct Taft Oras San Policarpo Arteche Road 

This specific road captured the attention of many locals and tourists for its ambience and beauty. However, it also harbors a dark tale that lingered in the minds of many locals. 

Some attribute the road’s haunted reputation to tragic accidents that have occurred along its twists and turns over the years, leading to being believed to be accident-prone. The past accidents have left a mark on the collective consciousness of the locals. 

Strange Moments 

Various people have seen strange creatures walking by, while others claimed that a school nearby has been affected as well wherein the lights turn on on its own. Nonetheless, let’s discover the peculiar and paranormal events that happened at Arteche Road:

Myrtle Sarrosa’s encounter 

Way back in 2018, cosplayer and former PBB housemate, Myrtle Sarrosa, and her friends happened to see a strange child wearing a bluish shirt. She posted this creepy experience on her social media account and mentioned that the child was in a crouching position with his arms and hands wrapping around his head to his face. When they checked the dash cam to see if there was really a child, what they saw was just a white blob-like orb figure that disappeared after a few seconds.

The video gained traction online and netizens shared their similar experiences with the belief that the kid may have been a victim of typhoon Yolanda as there were many unrecovered deceased bodies during the incident.

Old man hitchhiking; requesting a ride and suddenly disappeared.

We talked to a local Samar resident where he shared to us a story about his friend who was driving alone at night, passing by the area. When he arrived at the road, he saw an old man suddenly appear behind him, on his motorcycle! The man whispered that he wanted to be taken to Campisao. The rider was declining as he was already on the verge of panic; however, the old man insisted, leaving the rider with no choice but to go to Campisao; a barangay that’s beside a local cemetery. Upon their arrival at the location, when the rider turned, he saw that there was no one behind him. In a state of fear, the rider zoomed away from the dropoff point and prayed as he headed home.

Lights turning on and off at the school nearby

The Lalawigan National High School is located beside the notoriously haunted road, which is why it’s not a surprise that the place also is home to paranormal encounters.

One in particular was a story about how the lights keep turning on and off at night when in fact, the main switch of the school’s already shut down and locked after class hours. According to a local resident, there was also a sighting of a ghostly woman backbending while climbing up the walls of one classroom, similar to that of an exorcism movie. “All students and perhaps the staff know of this story,” he said. 

An Accident-Prone Area

Locals believe that the creepy people and strange happenings in this road are the people who passed away due to accidents. 

Others point to the road’s secluded nature, covered in darkness during the night due to the lack of streetlamps, as the perfect breeding ground for ghostly encounters. But beyond the whispers and the chilling stories lies a deeper truth – the power of storytelling to shape our perceptions of the world around us.

For centuries, communities have used folklore and legends to make sense of the unexplainable, transforming ordinary places into sites of myth and mystery. And, if ever you need to pass by on this road, elderly locals even suggest to always make sure that you are not walking alone, or if you’re a motorcycle rider, then you should always have a passenger with you to avoid strange ghosts piggybacking. They highly recommend that when you’ve become a victim of the hitchhiking ghost that you must not go home immediately after the incident! Instead, change your route and head to a crowded place to avoid leading the paranormal beings to your home.

Know of any other intriguing and paranormal places in your area? Share it to us in the comments section below!

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