Don’t know how to style different types of tights? Worry no more! 

There are various types of tights. Opaque, sheer, patterned, footless, and the most common one, fishnet. It could be challenging to use these in enhancing your style. This article will help you with your confusion!

Styling Different Types of Tights


Opaque tights are the thickest type of tights. They are not see-through, as this is mostly used in suppressing cold weather. You may pair this with body-hugging dresses, fitted mini skirts, and knee-high boots as footwear. Adding a coat will also be okay! Just make sure that the weather is cold. Otherwise, you’ll be sweating heavily.


Sheer tights on the other hand are made of transparent and lightweight materials. Its main purpose is to provide minimal coverage. This goes well with formal attire and casual chic fashion style. By using neutral tones like beige or light gray, a sheer can improve your look for a subtle appearance. You can also make it an inner cover when wearing tattered jeans. This type of tight goes well with any footwear so you don’t really have to worry about that.


The cutest type of tights! It features different designs and textures woven into fabric. It has the ability ro add visual interest and flair to the legs. To style this, start up with solid-colored dresses, skirts, or shorts in black, gray, or beige which will allow the patterns to stand out. Avoid wearing patterned clothes as this will contradict or exaggerate the appearance of the tights. This goes well with ankle boots, sneakers, or flats.


Also known as leggings, are kind of similar to the traditional tights, but leaves an open space on the foot area. It leaves the feet bare. If you are an athleisure chic, this goes well for you! It can enhance appearance and give you a magnificent charisma by pairing it with sneakers or chunky boots. It also goes well with oversized hoodies, sweatshirts, or shirts. Adding socks will complement footless tights as well.


The most common type of tights. This typically is characterized by a distinctive open and diamond-shaped knit. They are mostly made with stretchy materials. They are mostly associated with alt fashion such as goth, punk, and rock. Ripped jeans, mini skirts, short dresses, under shorts, and boots suit well for this type of tights.

Go ahead and open your closets, grab your tights, and style them! Go slay them away, sister! 

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