Mindanao, the “Land of Promise”, is also home to one of the most haunted places in the country: Brgy. Simsimon’s old abandoned house. 

Photo by Irish May Jocotmaya

Located in Brgy. Simsimon, the abandoned mansion is rumored to be haunted by ghosts and a black shadow of a man. Former residents reported to have experienced tons of paranormal activities in the house such as hearing someone walking around, creaking stairs, and the sound of children laughing in the dead of night.

Photo by Irish May Jocotmaya

The Unfulfilled Promise

According to locals, the house has a portrait of a mother with a child who when it cries, blood tears down, and changes or shape-shifts into a monster toddler or “tiyanak.” This story circulated throughout the area resulting in the local’s and tourist’s curiosities.

Photo by Irish May Jocotmaya

The house had several owners as time passed on, and it was believed that the reason for the paranormal occurrences was because the father of the original owner instructed the family to bring his remains with them all the time. But, sadly, the father’s remains were left at the house, leaving him with no peace after an unfulfilled promise in the Land of Promise. 

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