In this VisMin heat, even most plants will give up; but not these ones!

Plantitos and plantitas, in a tropical country like ours, where sunlight and water are abundant, finding plants that thrive in such conditions is vital to maintaining a vibrant garden. With the scorching heat of April and the coming months, it’s essential to select flora that can withstand the intense tropical climate. But, don’t fret as we got you covered!


One of the most used citrus fruits in the Philippines is the calamansi which is a mix between a kumquat and a mandarin orange. Its sour taste makes it perfect for making savory pancit canton, barbecue sauce, and as a tasty refreshing juice. Beyond its culinary purposes, calamansi is also used for laundry as it effectively takes out stains when paired with baking soda.


With its culinary and medicinal properties, gingers are kept as the go-to spice of Filipinos. Derived from the word gingifer that means root, this vegetable can be grated, chopped, diced, and boiled to be used as a tea, add spice to soup dishes, and even made as a candy.


Beans are one of the fastest growing edible plants in the world. So, it means that you don’t have to wait a lot of time to have your harvest. You can plant Baguio beans, string beans, and snap beans.

Hot Peppers

Hot peppers can survive in hot weather and what makes them a great summer companion is that they are scientifically proven to help produce endorphins, which in result, makes your warm summer a lot cooler.

Sweet Potatoes

In the Philippines, sweet potatoes are one of the staple carbohydrates we love. It can be served as a snack by simply boiling it.

So, fellow Filipinos, what are you planning to plant this summer?

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